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Aly & AJ Have Just Released Pure Sunshine In Musical Form

Aly & AJ Have Just Released Pure Sunshine In Musical Form

Image Source: Amanda Lim

We’ve loved Aly & AJ since we were first discovering the impact music can have on you. We were wide-eyed young people just singing along to ‘Potential Breakup Song’ about non-existent heartbreak in our lives. Now we’re adults who’ve gone on the roller coaster ride with our favorite sisters and we’re ready to celebrate their new album! We’re prepared for all the crying and dancing and just immense pride we’re about to feel.

When we heard Aly & AJ were putting out a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun right before summer we knew this was going to rule our Spotify wrapped lists. It’s such a bright, joyful body of work and regardless of the absolute iconic bops Aly & AJ have released in the past, this is them at their best. Lyrically, sonically, it’s all A+ tier.

Be sure to stream a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun here!

‘Pretty Places’

This track is the all-time best road trip track. It’s all about getting away and discovering ‘Pretty Places,’ watching the sunset and sunrise while on the road. Truly our ideal situation, Aly & AJ if you guys need any future road trip partners hit us up! We’re always down! The next perfect sunny day we are turning this up to max volume and living our best lives.

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‘Lost Cause’

Calling this album a “sonic rebirth” is completely accurate. ‘Lost Cause’ is only the second song but it solidifies that. It’s yet another embodiment of pure sunshine that this record personifies. We loved hearing such deep lyrical content like the internal battle of thinking that maybe love is a ‘Lost Cause’ with such a bright beat behind it.

‘Break Yourself’

We are obsessed with this track, definitely a high point so far on the record! Aly & AJ are always pushing the boundaries of traditional pop and have this record so far past ‘modern-pop.’ This almost synth-infused track feels very 80’s inspired, which we’ll always be down for. The trumpet towards the end of the track is just the perfect addition, ‘Break Yourself’ is a home run!

Image Source: Amanda Charchian
‘Slow Dancing’

So far this feels like the most stripped-back raw track. It’s nice and slow and truly the perfect track to slow dance to, which was probably the point. If you catch us swaying on the beach to this song all by ourselves, no you didn’t. Let us live in peace we just want to be in our feelings to this beautiful song.


If ‘Paradise’ was a place this is certainly a song they’d play. It’s bright without being overly upbeat and showcases what beautiful and unique voices Aly & AJ have! If we have the aux at all this Summer this is our official warning that this is all you’ll hear.

‘Symptom of Your Touch’

We can’t imagine loving a song on this record more than this one. It’s such a feel-good track and showcases everything incredible about Aly & AJ. Their voices sound so ethereal! We listened to ‘Symptom of Your Touch’ eleven times before we were able to make it to the next track just because we can’t get enough. Yes, it’s that good you need to listen immediately!!

Image Source: Amanda Lim
‘Lucky to Get Him’

We love how effortless their high registers sound in this track. The whole song feels magical and is yet another track we’re going to have to play all summer. Aly & AJ have created this record that’s full of zero skips so far to make our summer the best yet, everyone say thank you!


This is an all-time top three Aly & AJ song for us. It’s reminiscent of older tracks without being a complete callback. It’s the kind of new era pop music we have become so submerged in! It’s one of the brightest tracks on the record and thrives most while played during the sunniest days, it’s just joy embodied in a sound.

‘Don’t Need Nothing’

So now we know where the incredible album title came from! The song itself is a bit repetitive, but Aly & AJ were able to do it in such a way that it completely worked and makes for such a catchy song.

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This song broke our hearts. It has such incredibly deep lyrics, probably the most impactful on the record. The track is so incredibly personal. We love a good track to cry to so we are really looking forward to this song live!

‘Personal Cathedrals’

Man talk about lyrical content!! We can’t quite get enough of the line “Even diamonds don’t shine here.” What an impactful line about the best not being good enough. It’s so crazy that this song and ‘Stomach’ are back to back because they are such hard hitters. Truly after listening up until this point this is our favorite on the record. Yes, we know we said it wouldn’t get better for us than ‘Symptom of Your Touch’ but here we are!

Image Source: Kimerlee Curyl
‘Hold Out’

What a perfect album closer! Aly & AJ have completely killed it with this ‘Sonic Rebirth.’ ‘Hold Out’ is exactly what we wanted as the last track on a record that has made us feel every emotion possible! We will have this on repeat until approximately September at least.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off of a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Need more music for extra happiness, don’t worry we got you covered!

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Featured Image Source: Amanda Lim

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