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Childe’s Eclectic Lessons On Being Ourselves!

Childe’s Eclectic Lessons On Being Ourselves!

Need a breath of fresh air? We’ve got exactly what you need right now! Listening to music is a way to heal and step away from reality and discovering new artists can also help us relate to diverse situations. Childe is one of these that sticks into our minds. He can create music that soothes the soul and deeply reflects on our personal issues. Just slip away and step on the moon, and escape in a world full of dreams.

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Childe recently dropped his self-titled EP a couple of weeks ago and we’re still not over the various dynamics of the melodies. From fuzzy bites to grunge guitars, sometimes coming around dream pop, the British singer-songwriter experiments with styles in a gorgeous way. His introspective poetry brings all kinds of emotions. He plays with his vocals, instantly crafting bops with eclectic guitar lines and sensibility. A conversation with yourself? That is Childe’s whole concept and it haunts our brain like nothing else.

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Childe’s work is therapeutic. Writing is personal for him and his creativity goes over the boundaries. His songs can’t be defined in particular genres, they just follow the lead of the beat flowing. Let’s discover the English singer-songwriter in this exclusive THP interview about his words of wisdom, his inspirations, and his musical heroes.

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You come from the countryside in Wiltshire, England. When did you know you wanted to become a musician? What made you interested in creating music?
I was about 5 when I started to play guitar and write songs, I didn’t know I wanted to be a musician but I always came back to music for comfort. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to writing songs because it’s a place I feel safe.

In your “letters to self” on Instagram, you say that our inner child is where we are the most real. Is it why you took that artist pseudonym? Did you want to play with it as a metaphor?
I definitely believe that we should trust in our instinct – I believe in the good in people, and I think our childish self can be our most real. I chose the name because my middle name is ‘child’ and I’ve always felt it represents me.

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You released your self-titled debut EP recently. Which path did you take creatively while working on it? Do the lyrics come first? The melody? Or both?
It depends, most of the time the song will basically write itself and just fall out of me. But if I’ve got an idea in my head I just sit at the piano and play around with it until I’m obsessed.

The Childe EP is described as having a conversation with ourselves. What’s the best life advice you would give to your younger self?
Don’t be embarrassed and sing loud.

On the Childe EP, you envelop us with soothing grooves, sometimes melancholic, sometimes more upbeat, how would you describe in your own words the musical universe that inspired the record?
I find defining my genre really difficult – I take inspiration from a lot of different places both musical and other. I was listening to a lot of Chance The Rapper, Charlotte Day Wilson, and James Blake when I wrote most of the EP – I love listening and learning and trying to figure out how the fuck they did that.

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Your lyrics are quite introspective. You once said writing was therapy. Do you let them all go from your experiences or sometimes do you wonder if it’s too personal to tell the world?
I’m always freaking out before I put a song out. It’s a really strange thing to create something so personal and then let it out into the world but people are only going to relate if you say something honest.

You joined Client Earth charity recently. Lots of causes are important for artists these days. Why did you get attracted to this one in particular? You made a playlist but are there more actions to come?
I was really happy to join Client Earth – they have a strong message of unity from the artists who work with them and I’m proud to be a part of it. If you can’t protect the planet, what kind of human are you?

You cite Thom Yorke and Tracy Chapman as your biggest teachers. What did they bring you as an inspiration for your EP recording or your music career in general?
Tracy Chapman is my vocal hero. She taught me the power of vulnerability, and I always believe what she sings. Thom Yorke’s songs have been the soundtrack to my life from Pablo Honey all the way through to now. Thom is always unpredictable in his melody and full of emotion without being overwrought.

We find some great stripped-back covers of Arlo Parks and Birdy on your Instagram. What is your ultimate cover song and what does it mean to you?
My ultimate cover is probably Radiohead ‘No Surprises.’ I still think writing a song about someone breaking into a house is the most genius thing I’ve ever heard.

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Your videos are quite bucolic. They are wonderful and you’ve worked with people from around the world for them. Lukasz Pytlik, from Poland, directed ‘Bad Ideas,’ and Oodnuf from Montreal worked on ‘Just Me.’ Being from England, how did you tag along with these visual artists and producers? What inspired the images you wanted to give to your videos?
I love working with different people/directors/artists and seeing where their vision takes it. As I said before, when the process of writing has been so personal, it’s a privilege to let someone else interpret it and see it through their eyes.

In the future, do you think your music will stay in the same lane of writing? Anything planned after the promo of the EP?
I hope my music never stands still, I’ll keep learning and getting better – that’s the joy. The next stage will be planning some touring for the end of the year and releasing more, more, more music.

Has this convinced you to check out his new tracks? Listen to Childe EP here. Any feels about this new artist? Share your thoughts on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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