Grouplove Is Your New Source Of Oxygen

Grouplove Is Your New Source Of Oxygen

What a surprise! Last March, Californian rock band, Grouplove, released their fifth album This Is This without any warning. And their new single ‘Oxygen Swimming’ is here to add some joy to your busy days with an original music video. The band also announced they’re going on tour, sharing the love of indie music. Who’s ready?

On The Road Again!

It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. We finally can have a glimpse of gathering again at concerts. Grouplove unveiled their mini US tour dates. Which you can get your tickets here. You can be part of the community too! Donate to The Ally Coalition (helping the LGBTQ cause) and get your chance to win a ticket for the tour. Wish you can go, but you live too far away? The band will host a live stream on May 13th, playing tracks from their new album and probably a couple of surprises. Details and tickets are available here. Get a taste of their live performance to come with their recent The Late Late Show With James Corden love rendition of ‘Deadline.’

Psychedelic Ventures!

Grouplove’s mesmerizing tones on ‘Oxygen Swimming’ now look like a psychedelic pop art piece, thanks to director Isaac Deitz, who previously worked on This Is The End visuals. Superposing layers of natural videography (water, flowers, clouds and so much more) and the profiles of the band singing along, we enter a calm world.

Let’s dream and dive into a kaleidoscopic and colorful setup! Enjoy the slow-motion explosions of shapes syncing with the shoegaze-style music. The romantic flows fit perfectly with the lyrical psychedelia “I wanna tell you while we lay here in the dark/I’m folded in your arms, listening to your heart/That I love you for everything you are
Did I ever tell you ’bout the tree in the backyard?
” Grouplove shows their expressions with tons of emotions! Love is never-ending. This is our oxygen and we will forever swim into this invisible necessity.

Image source: TENOR gifs

What did you think about the ‘Oxygen Swimming’ music video? Will you catch Grouplove on tour? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Jimmy Fontaine

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