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The BRITs Awards’ Looks Took Our Breathe Away!

The BRITs Awards’ Looks Took Our Breathe Away!

Another special award night has gathered together some of our favorite artists, and we couldn´t be more excited to see them together after a long, long time! The best way to see our favorite music fashion icons!

The night was full of magic and laughs, but oh my god. The looks stole the show! Every single person in there was showing their inner fashionista, and we thought we were in another world, cause the looks were totally from another world!

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From the red carpet and throughout the show, we had the amazing opportunity to appreciate the different outfits and details that our favorites prepared for the BRITs. There´s nothing compared to what our eyes saw tonight!

Our eyes are sparkling with so much joy and glamour we saw through our screens! Obviously, everyone looked fantastic and iconic, but some looks took our breath away!

Olly Alexander Brought The Stars To Earth

Let´s start with Mr. Olly Alexander. Damn Olly, you were literally the star of the red carpet. Wearing a stunning suit from the Gucci 2021 Fashion Week, Olly made all of us gasp at how amazing he looked! First of all, we loved how the sleeves of the suit brought a twist on wearing suits with the black shag that made the suit stand out. And we must not ignore how incredible each star detailed the suit so well, creating a contrast with his light blue shirt and black leather body harness. We loved how everything he was wearing went with his outfit. We love to see the star drawn in his hair and his earrings that made the perfect match. A star on the red carpet. A nod to his new single ‘Starstruck’ too potentially? Truly a fierce look for such an important ceremony, and perfectly made to never forget!

Image Source: Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Dua Lipa Spiced Up The Stage

Dua Lipa took over the BRITs stage reminding us of one of the most influential fashion icons: Spice Girls! All of her outfits throughout the night were giving us vibes from the unique and stunning British band that we all love. We´ll tell you what we want, what we really really want. And that is to borrow Dua´s skirt cause it is stunning! Styled by the wonderful and talented Lorenzo Posocco, using Vivienne Westwood, Dua Lupa owned the place, making another epic performance by our queen!

Image Source: Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Rina Sawayama, A Purple Goddess

Rina Sawayama brought heaven to this red carpet! Wearing a dress from Balmain 2019 Spring Season, we were reminded what a goddess she is! Like oh my god, please take a look at this beautiful and puffy purple dress, that is perfectly made for Rina. We loved how the dress has the perfect color for us to appreciate the gorgeous face of our dear Rina! The dress was personalized for our queen, and it made it more wonderful than it already was. She was like a purple cloud walking around the red carpet! This is one of the dresses of our dreams! And let´s talk about her makeup! The eyeliner … damn! We need to learn how to do it ASAP!

Image Source: JMEnternational via Getty Images

Little Mix: Angels On The Red Carpet

The history-making band arrived on the red carpet making us feel that we were surrounded by angels! The three beautiful bandmates of Little Mix brought a whole level of fashion! Perrie and Leigh-Anne showed us for the first time their baby bumps, and we were sobbing! They were glowing so much that we needed sunglasses to see them! Perrie was wearing a white two-piece from David Koma‘s 2021 Spring Season that made her look like a goddess. Jade stunned in a white strapless gown from Vivienne Westwood, which she owned! And Leigh-Anne was mesmerizing in a breath-taking Maison Margiela dress. The three in white, reminding us that there are angels among us!

Image Source: JMEnternational via Getty Images

Raye Owns Pink!

Raye definitely showed us that pink is her color! Styled by Lucy Johansson, Raye took us to another whole level of fashion at the BRITs awards! The dress suited Raye so perfectly, and every single diamond detail made this look more special. We couldn´t ignore the reference to Marilyn Monroe´s inspo from her iconic music video Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend,’ which we loved. The whole outfit was one of our favorites! She looked so good in her custom Etro dress that we couldn´t believe she was real!

Image Source: Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Crown For Queen Mabel

Mabel commanded the red carpet, in her custom-made Tony Ward gown! Being styled by Zack Tate and Jamie McFarland, Mabel wore a backless green dress that literally no other human being could pull off as good as her. We loved every diamond detail on it and the stunning cutout details. This outfit was definitely one of the best on the BRITs red carpet! Mabel never disappoints us!

Image Source: JMEnternational via Getty Images

Jewels and Suits *chef kiss*

MNEK made a fashion statement using Robert Wun! We loved how he looked in this powdery blue suit that looks perfectly made for him! The details in every single part of the suit are amazing! The sleeves make the suit different from the ordinary. And let’s talk about those incredible matching pants, with their flowing pleats and wide legs, which fell so seamlessly into ruffles on the ground. Oh, the tailoring here is sublime. And to give the final touch, a pop of silver adorned MNEK’s neck, perfectly lifting the monochromatic suit in which MNEK delighted us.

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Image Source: JMEnternational via Getty Images

The Best Suprise of All

We were mentally ready to not see Harry Styles on the BRITs awards knowing he is filming his upcoming movie… but there´s nothing that can´t stop Mr. Styles! Wearing Gucci´s Fall Season, Harry took our hearts with this iconic brown, yellow, and beige macro-checked outfit that brought the 70´s back to 2021! This suit was made for Harry, and there´s no doubt, cause he looked so fine that with a smile that made us dissolve into the floor. We need to thank our god Harry Lambert for styling our favorite artist, cause wow! The hair, the handbag, the nails… everything was stunning. Once again Harry is reminding us what a fashion icon he is!

Image Source: JMEnternational via Getty Images

We are having a red carpet in THP headquarters thanks to tonight´s awards! We know we can´t compete with the fashion icons we saw tonight, but we want to feel as glamorous as they were! What are your thoughts on the BRITs’ looks? Which ones were your favorites? Tell us everything in the comments and buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

Need more fashion? We gotchya!


Featured Image Source: JMEnternational and Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

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