We Found Your New Summer Song: ‘gulf blvd’ by Kesley Bou

We Found Your New Summer Song: ‘gulf blvd’ by Kesley Bou

If you’re currently building your summer playlist, you need to add this song to the list. Released on May 6, ‘gulf blvd’ by Kesley Bou is the perfect summer jam.

With descriptive lyrics, the breezy bop weaves a story of hometown beaches, rusted earrings, and driving with the windows down past your mom’s old house. It feels like a sunset drive through Kesley’s most precious memories, down ‘gulf blvd.’

It was inspired by my two best friends @samanthaerinmc and @brittany_theblonde and the beach we grew up on ☀️🌴🌊


Let’s go to the beach!

If current Aly & AJ met up with Lennon Stella and wrote a song it’d sound something like this one, made of saltwater and sandcastles. Kesley’s voice is magnetic and soothing, weaving a nostalgic tale that feels like an old swimsuit still soaked in sunscreen. ‘I think I’ll drive past your mom’s old house/where we swung under the oak tree/and sang along to James Dean,’ she sings over a dreamy beat.

This song is perfect for late-night drives, sitting by a fire, or soaking up the sun in a hammock. On Instagram, she said she hopes ‘it makes you feel like you’re on vacation.’ We can practically feel the wind blowing through our hair when we listen.

Emerging Artist

Kesley Bou via Instagram

Kesley Bou is a singer and songwriter from Atlanta, GA, and ‘gulf blvd,’ produced by Don Miggs, is her debut single. In true Zillennial fashion, she’s already made a name for herself on TikTok with more than one million followers. Her content is fun and relatable, including cute videos with her husband and raw singing videos. She also co-hosts a podcast called Hustle + Flow, all about inspiring female creatives in the entertainment industry.

Check out ‘gulf blvd’ by Kesley Bou here! You can also look out for her acoustic living room shows, live on Instagram and TikTok every Friday at 6 PM EST.

Throw on your comfiest old t-shirt, hop in the car, and tell us how much you love this song on Twitter at @TheHoneyPop! Or find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Kesley Bou via Instagram

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