AJ Mitchell Is Making Us Forget Our ‘Growing Pains!’

AJ Mitchell Is Making Us Forget Our ‘Growing Pains!’

Attention everybody! AJ Mitchell has brought a new tune to town. This song stands on its own, however, it does this while being completely comparable to the ‘Growing Pains’ we all go through.

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AJ Mitchell has given us a bangin’ and mind-blowing single that isn’t leaving our heads. The endlessly playable and catchy song is showing us that AJ Mitchell is one of the most outstanding rising stars of 2021! At only 19-years-old, he has shown us that his talent is unique and that he is ready to rule the world. He is obviously gonna rock the world! And to be honest, we’re set to name him our music king!

We need to get prepared, cause AJ is gonna steal our hearts later this year with his upcoming debut album Skyview. We don’t know if we are gonna ever be ready to see so much talent together on one album. In his song ‘Cameras On,’ he let us get a little bit prepared for the album, but his new release has made us get crazy. How are we going to survive?

We Are Having A Skyview

AJ Mitchell has brought us a new dance sound that is making us miss those nights out in the club just letting ourselves go free. This is going to be a must-listen on our nights out. The melody is stunning and so good that it isn’t leaving our playlists any time soon! We love how it is making us raise our arms and move at the rhythm of the song.

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Listening to ‘Growing Pains’ is making us want to put on some red lipstick, tease our hair, and break someone´s heart … and even maybe get a spontaneous tattoo … We have proof that it works for us, and we have zero doubts it will work for you. There´s something in this song that is making us feel so great and we will definitely listen to it every day to make our days better.

We are freaking out about what is coming up next with AJ’s music, and even he is freaking out with us! There’s so much coming up that our brains can’t handle it!

Stream/Purchase ‘Growing Pains’ here!

We can’t wait to listen to more music from AJ Mitchell! What are your thoughts on the new song? Tell us everything Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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