Dallas Rodin’s Artful Play With A ‘Shark’

Dallas Rodin’s Artful Play With A ‘Shark’

Auguste Rodin’s art is quite known within the general public. Le Penseur, anyone? At THP, we found another hidden gem located in Toronto, Canada, and her voice is pure art. Let’s talk about Dallas Rodin. The singer-songwriter from Ontario unveils her new single, ‘Shark,’ on this New Music Friday.

Mixing Structures

Dallas Rodin is that kind of hidden treasure that aligned randomly but perfectly. Her work is a melting pot of sounds. The Canadian artist follows the steps of many of her co-stars. Take a sip of The Weeknd’s dark R’n’B, a pinch of Charlotte Cardin’s mysterious side, and you got the perfect mix. Don’t drown in the water. The ‘Shark’ will get you with their incredible vicious vibes! The single is unpredictable, evolving in such a chaotic manner. Soft soul music ascends in heavy-stoned guitars with a little bit of rebel hip-hop! New genre? Only art! Thanks, Dallas!

Dallas Rodin
Image Source: Dallas Rodin Instagram

The Sharks Are Swimming!

Have you ever experienced a song that just envelopes your mind? One you can’t escape and become addicted? ‘Shark’ is that kind of song that constructs around wild spells. Dallas Rodin’s witchcraft is effective with ethereal bass vocals that would please Bebe Rexha fans. Lyrically empowering, the singer knows what she wants and she can detect the shark from far away. She doesn’t play for money and doesn’t give in on pressure easily as she sings in the chorus. Dallas doesn’t mind the plans of the other half. She wants to work it her way, even if the water becomes red! Her metaphors fit several definitions of the popular culture famous UrbanDictionary. A ‘Shark’ is cruel, dominant, and wants to play life as a game. There is plenty of them around in the sea that surrounds the cityscape. It reminds us that we need to be careful and stick to our values.

Image source: TENOR Gifs

Sultry Video

Dallas Rodin is our new dangerous woman (Ariana Grande, watch out!) Swimming lavishly in the pool or grooving in the dark skies, Dallas has got the moves. Talent burst out, and our senses are dripping. Watch the luscious ‘Shark’ video below.

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Featured Image Source: Mrj1 Studios

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