e.l.f. Mixing Gaming And Makeup = The Perfect Combo

e.l.f. Mixing Gaming And Makeup = The Perfect Combo

We were already spending all day on Twitch, and now we are never leaving our computers! e.l.f. has just announced they are going to launch a channel about gaming and makeup! Two of our favorite things to do … thank you very much e.l.f.!

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e.l.f. Is Taking Over Twitch!

Having streams every week, the brand will have several series of streams that will embody inclusion, irreverence, and female empowerment, focusing on our beautiful family of female gamers! e.l.f. has been proving to us that the brand is not just about makeup. They have been showing us the message they want to transmit and the support they have for everything we do, and it’s just … wow!

Watch e.l.f you here!

The channel, named e.l.f. You, will have a different and surprising host as we saw on May 9th with the gamer and Special Effects Makeup Artist Autumn Rhodes and gamer LuFu! The main purpose of this platform is to empower gamers; promote and support them to embrace their “bad-ass-ness!” to create a more inclusive gamer world for female gamers.

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Game up!

As part of that community, we are so happy to see what the brand is preparing for us and to see every single female gamer join us in everything e.l.f. You is doing to create a closer and more united group on one of our favorite platforms!

Something inside us tells us that this will totally create something new in the way Twitch is working, and we can’t wait to see what will happen over future months, with e.l.f. taking over the gaming world!

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What are your thoughts so far about e.l.f. You? Which gamers and artists are you hoping to see on the channel? Tell us everything in the comments and don´t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of e.l.f. You

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