Experience The Spooky Magic Of The Nightmare Before Christmas Live On Stage This Halloween

Experience The Spooky Magic Of The Nightmare Before Christmas Live On Stage This Halloween

Get your pumpkins and skeletons because ‘Jack is back!’ Yes, folks, we’re talking about Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Ok, you’re probably confused, let us explain. This week, we found out that on Friday, October 29, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Live-To-Film Concert Experience will be back on stage after so long! The show will be held at the Banc of California Stadium and starting May 14, at 10 pm PT, you can get your tickets here.

It is great to see some of the events we missed returning in certain parts of the world. Of course, as long as they’re following the health and safety precautions. As huge Jack Skellington fans, we can’t wait to see Danny Elfman’s return to the character in a few months! We’re also super excited to see who else will join him on stage.

But if you thought that was all we had to say about The Nightmare Before Christmas Live-To-Film Concert Experience, you thought wrong, dear reader! A little birdie told us there will be a few pre-show activities, including a costume contest! Oh, how we missed those! We’d personally choose to dress as Sally. Jack may be the Pumpkin King, but Sally is the queen of the whole movie! Also, it would be really fun to try to come up with a costume that resembles her iconic look.

After the year that we’ve had, we’re really looking forward to having our lives back. And we don’t know about you, but we think going to Halloween Town with Jack Skellington sounds like a pretty sweet way to do that. We heard that the show looks so good, it actually feels like being in the movie. We sure hope so!

Image Source: Disney Concerts

Are you looking forward to seeing Jack back this Halloween? What costume are you planning to wear this year? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPop! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll love to hear your thoughts.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Disney Concerts

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