Let’s Take a Look At TXT’s Concept Trailers

Let’s Take a Look At TXT’s Concept Trailers

There is an infinity of reasons to stan Tomorrow X Together, but one of those reasons is their lore and their incredible concepts – their concept trailers are here to prove it. TXT just released the concept trailer for their next comeback on May 31st and it’s the perfect opportunity to look at all their incredible and iconic concept trailers.

Image source: BIGHIT MUSIC

The Dream Chapter: MAGIC

The first one was released for their first full-length album, The Dream Chapter: MAGIC, back in October 2019. It was their first comeback after their debut, and needless to say, it was iconic. How could anyone forget about the absolute pop masterpiece that was ‘9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)’? And it all started with this concept trailer. 

All they needed was the choreography and lights. The way the performance works into the images that are projected onto the white wall is absolutely incredible, and it’s something that very few have done. The concept trailer teased the song ‘New Rules’ just as they delivered this very original choreography all about effects and visual tricks. The concept trailer itself is super impressive, especially when you realize it’s really all about the performance and nothing more, but it’s even more impressive to realize this was their first-ever comeback.

The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY

The second concept trailer TXT released was to tease their 2020 comeback: ‘Can’t You See Me?’ It was also the last part of The Dream Chapter. While their two previous releases had been more colorful and fun, ‘Can’t You See Me?’ was truly much darker and showed a brand new side of TXT – talk about versatility. 

Contrary to the other concept trailers, this one has no performance but explains the concept that is shown in the music video of ‘Can’t You See Me?’. That song, as well as the concept trailer, is all about feeling alone and misunderstood by the people that surround you, and they both portray that feeling in a very real and raw way. It was the perfect beginning to the closing chapter of TXT‘s rookie year.

The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE

And last but definitely not least, it’s their newest concept trailer for their comeback: The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE.

Not only is the teaser mysterious and intriguing, but it has incredible camera work that makes it surprising to think this is only a trailer. But it really goes to show how much works and thought there is behind TXT as a whole. But that’s not even the highlight of it, look at their dancing. They deliver an impressive performance that is simply beyond words and truly such an experience.

After the success of minisode 1: Blue Hour, our expectations were high and with only this concept trailer, TXT has already gone way beyond anything imaginable. And this is just the beginning of this new chapter because there’s still so much more to expect as teasers for this comeback, until the official release of their second studio album on May 31st – the previews, the tracklist, and three versions of concept photos. But we know this is already by far TXT‘s biggest comeback.

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Featured Image Source: BIGHIT MUSIC

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