Pack Your Suitcase, Winnetka Bowling League and Sasha Sloan Are Taking Us To ‘barcelona’

Pack Your Suitcase, Winnetka Bowling League and Sasha Sloan Are Taking Us To ‘barcelona’

We’re going to ‘barcelona’ with Winnetka Bowling League and Sasha Sloan. The track, co-written by Winnetka frontman Matthew Koma, Dan Book, and Sasha Sloan, is nostalgic and wistful. The song opens with a fuzzy-sounding beat, leading into imagery that encompasses the feeling of growing up and growing apart from someone you love.

A dream collab

“You went right and I went left,” they sing. “It doesn’t mean that I loved you any less.” The shiny production and sunny indie-pop melodies capture feelings of regret and hope. It’s the kind of song to jam out to with the speaker turned up loud when you’re feeling down. It’s the kind of song that will be your friend. With Winnetka Bowling League’s signature dreamy sound and Sasha Sloan’s penchant for raw, relatable details, ‘barcelona’ is the perfect combination.

‘barcelona’ is a song about still being able to have love for the person that it didn’t work out with. I always feel the urge to discredit every ounce of a relationship after it’s over because it feels way better than scrolling the highlight feed…but sometimes there was a lot of good worth recognizing and the ending doesn’t have to be this big dramatic “delete all.”

Matthew koma of Winnetka Bowling lEAGUE
Image Source: Courtesy of RCA Records

What makes this project even cooler is a genuine collaboration between friends. Koma and Sloan met on tour pre-COVID and as she says, “Matt and I hit it off on the road, and we’ve kept in touch ever since. When he sent me ‘barcelona,’ I fell in love with it and wanted to jump on the track!”

Winnetka Bowling League

‘barcelona’ follows Winnetka Bowling League’s critically-acclaimed 2020 EP Congratulations. It’s the first single from their forthcoming new EP. The band was formed by Koma in 2018 with his brother Kris Mazzaris on drums. Sam Beresford provides the keys, and newest member Sage Chavis bass and vocals. Ever since their debut ‘On The 5,’ Winnetka Bowling League has been churning out undeniable bops.

Sasha Sloan

Sasha Sloan is a singer-songwriter known for her poignant, cathartic lyrics and catchy melodies. She’s made a name for herself writing hit songs for other artists, and now as her own artist. Her 2020 debut album Only Child was critically-acclaimed, and always makes us sob. As her Instagram points out, she was sad before it was cool.

Be sure to catch the whimsical animated lyric video that accompanies ‘barcelona’ and stream it here.

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Featured Image Source: Winnetka Bowling League via Twitter

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