REYNA’s Guide To Quarantine Survival

REYNA’s Guide To Quarantine Survival

How do we survive the quarantine? The sister duo REYNA may have some tips for you. Their new single ‘Quarantine Baby’ is out now and they literally sound like queens!

Sisters Forever!

Do you remember the high-octane songwriting from Tegan And Sara? Like them, REYNA, two Milwaukee-based sisters, bring high reflective lyrics. They do it, both in English and Spanish, and we’re in love completely! ‘Quarantine Baby’ adds some magic touch. It’s like traveling from the comfort of our homes. The song builds a true connection with the listeners with its alluring vibes. Lovers of Selena Gomez‘s album REVELACIÓN will love the pop texture of REYNA’s new single.

Sophisticated Poetry

Image source: Vanessa Blea

Sugar-coated vocals are the remedy to everything! REYNA’s chemistry is there because they share the same DNA! But it’s more than that! The sisters’ sophisticated tones lead us in a contemplative world. Produced by Colombian duet Salt Cathedral, the song was written on last year’s first weeks of lockdown. The lyrics reflect a lot about the loss of contact we had with our loved ones. We had to find new ways to cope with the ups and downs of our relationships! 2020 completely changed us, we evolved and we drove our minds inside the madness of the situation. Vic And Gab Manuelos put in words and music the feelings we could have. They divert us with their sweet tempos and give us comfort because, yeah, we were all sitting alone, bored and lonely. No matter what happened in our lives, we all relate! We miss each other loads, don’t we?

Image source: TENOR Gifs

Good Vibrations!

‘Quarantine Baby’ is such a refreshing sound. It’s perfect for relaxation and cuddling (when we can, be safe!). We are so obsessed with the good vibes floating around. It will give you instant little smirks!

When I listen to this song it makes me smile because we’ve all found a way to get through it. We have found ways to stay connected, to find love, or to get through heartbreak during a pandemic.

Vic Manuelos, about writing ‘Quarantine Baby’

Curious about what we said about the tune? Listen to ‘Quarantine Baby’ here.

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Featured image source: Vanessa Blea

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