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We Are Booking Our Firefly Tickets ASAP After Seeing This Lineup

We Are Booking Our Firefly Tickets ASAP After Seeing This Lineup

Image Source: Firefly Music Festival

Everyone remain calm!! Music festivals are officially back! We are ready to throw our money at these festivals and pick out our outfits! Out of all the lineups we’ve seen so far we have to say, Firefly threw the others out of the water! You mean to tell us we can see Wiz Khalifa and Phoebe Bridgers on the same weekend? And we don’t have to burn in the desert in California? Sign us up!!

Firefly Festival is happening September 23rd-26th and is going to make for the perfect four-day weekend! The prices are $299 for GA and $699 for VIP!! A bargain for all the talent you have the chance to see! The tickets go on pre-sale on May 14th at 10 am ET and on May 17th at 10 am ET to the general public! You can sign up for pre-sale access here!

We are overly excited and so obsessed with this lineup but of course, we have to highlight some acts we are especially excited to see! We will take any chance we get to gush over these artists!

Image Source: Sam Dameshek

We saw blackbear open for an artist a few years back and have been dying to see him again ever since! He has such a killer discography and is constantly reinventing who he is as an artist! Even though hot girl summer will be over by the time the festival has happened we will be right back in that mindset when blackbear inevitably plays ‘hot girl bummer’ at Firefly. We have planted this seed and will live to see it prosper.

Top Songs We’d Love To Hear:

. ‘hot girl bummer’ (obviously)

. ‘90210’ (we love a throwback!)

. ‘queen of broken hearts’

Image Source: Steven Ferdman for Getty Images

If we’re going to have the best time at a festival, Lizzo obviously is going to be present. Her entire discography is full of tracks that just fill you with self-confidence and make you feel like the baddest b*tch in the room. There’s no way you’re having a bad time while Lizzo is on stage. We can so clearly hear the astronomical volumes in which we will be screaming the words to ‘Truth Hurts.’

Top Songs We’d Love To Hear:

. ‘Like a Girl’

. ‘Juice’ (come on you already know this slaps live)

. ‘Truth Hurts’

Billie Eilish
Image Source: Kelia Anne Maccluskey

Billie Eilish is only the biggest superstar on the planet!! No big deal! We gasped upon seeing her name on the lineup at Firefly. Sadly her tour was canceled due to the virus, so this opportunity to see her live again is one we are jumping on immediately! And seeing this blonde hair in person? A cultural reset it will be!

Top Tracks We’d Love To Hear:

. ‘bellyache’

. ‘bad guy’ (duh)

. ‘Ocean Eyes’

Megan Thee Stallion
Image Source: Marcelo Cantu

You know a festival is going to be a damn good time when you see Megan Thee Stallion on the lineup! She brings her all to every performance and is constantly one-upping herself. Firefly will hopefully close out one of the nights with Megan because truly that’s the only way to go! We are going to be so exhausted after the about of jumping around and screaming lyrics we will be doing during this set!

Top Track We’d Love To Hear:

. ‘WAP’ ( with Cardi B or without we just have to hear it)

See Also

. ‘Savage’ ( we will do the TikTok dance and yes we are sorry)

. ‘Body’

Machine Gun Kelly
Image Source: Jonathan Weiner

We’d travel to wherever Machine Gun Kelly is playing, let’s be clear on that! We simp for this man majorly. Just imagining being in a huge crowd dancing around screaming every word to each of his songs brings the biggest smile to our faces. His entire Tickets To My Downfall record is a top-tier album so any track we get to hear we’ll consider a blessing.

Top Tracks We’d Love To Hear:

. ‘my ex’s best friend’ (with fellow Firefly performer blackbear)

. ‘jawbreaker’

. ‘Bad Things’

We would love to hear from you! Are you planning on attending Firefly Festival? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Want more things to watch, honey bee? Fly this way!


Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP

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