We Wanna Get ‘Lost’ With Sarah Proctor!

We Wanna Get ‘Lost’ With Sarah Proctor!

Sarah Proctor, another super promising artist that 2021 is bringing us, has released a beautiful track that you definitely won’t wanna miss. If you like Lana Del Rey and Coldplay, she is perfect for you!

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With her independent debut EP, Show Your Love, released in 2020, Sarah Proctor has brought to the world her unique and wonderful voice that has captivated every single person in THP! And now, Sarah is bringing us another single that has stolen completely our hearts!

We Don’t Want Anyone To Find Us

The harmonious and beautiful ballad takes us on a voyage with the soft and smooth voice of Sarah Proctor. While simultaneously taking us into the emotional road of the British singer falling in love and the struggles of her sexuality. This song and music video show us one of the few faces that our society tells us of two women in a relationship. Also, it shows us the honesty and transparency of how relationships are, and not how the majority of the social media shows.

Showing us the night through the city with that special person, the music tells us the love story of two girls that are enjoying themselves. Enjoying their company around the city, and just wanting to get ‘Lost’ and enjoy each other through time. There’s no doubt that this song is perfect for that freeing moment with that special person, who you can see yourself being with forever.

The music video also takes us to stunning landscapes, Sarah found a way to make us fall in love with the beautiful story the music video narrates. We are calling that special someone right away cause we need to take a road trip with them!

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Watch the incredible music video below!

We are loving what Sarah Proctor is bringing to us! And we can’t wait to see what she is preparing for us! What are your thoughts on the new song? Tell us everything in the comments! Also, don’t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter and Instagram!

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