FAANGS Couldn’t Care Less And We Live For It!

FAANGS Couldn’t Care Less And We Live For It!

Put your hands up in the air, let it go, and just glow up! Canadian-born singer-songwriter FAANGS makes her imprint in the pop world, writing for the likes of Ashnikko and collaborating with Felix Jaehn and Rico Nasty. From her new Los Angeles home, she produced a summer pop banger everyone will love. Be ready for some high key attitude, keep an ear on the new single ‘I Don’t Care.’

Pop Excellence!

Which elements are essential to make a huge pop song? FAANGS and her co-writer Avedon got them all when they penned ‘I Don’t Care.’ Attitude, obsessive hooks, and versatility in style are all they needed. The singer-songwriter goes all sassy on her tracks! That’s what we live for. Getting the message in some spitting rhymes, spilling some tea, just like wshe did before on ‘RICH KID$’ which you can enjoy below.

Take A Bite!

FAANGS bites hard on new single ‘I Don’t Care’.With no limits, the singer gives no f*ck about life, just enjoying it as it comes. The singer has nothing to lose, listening to Kurt Cobain at 7 am, drinking whisky at breakfast or feeling okay after a rude breakup. She snaps so hard! Her lyricism and vocals are a delightful mix, in between Billie Eilish’s soft hums and the strong fierceness of Charli XCX.

Image source: lilmoviez

Three Stories In One!

Directed by Jack Guerra, enter in the explosive and rebellious universe of FAANGS on her ‘I Don’t Care’ video. We got three choices for you! Are you picking the windy road trip to hell? Or do you prefer to return to childhood and play with broken Barbies™️? Maybe you want to chill and stay at home living a rich promiscuous life? Which do you think is the best? The only answer is to focus on driven drum beats with smart and saucy vocals. Listen to ‘I Don’t Care’ here.

What is the thing you care about the most? Do you feel careless? Share your comments about ‘I Don’t Care.’ Don’t be shy! Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or write us on Facebook or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of TEETH OUT/Sony Music Germany/RCA Records

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