Our Advice : Get Hyped for Taemin’s Third Mini-Album!

Our Advice : Get Hyped for Taemin’s Third Mini-Album!

Are you ready Shawols (and especially Taemints)? Advice is so close we can feel the tears already. If you haven’t heard, Taemin’s third mini-album, Advice, comes out on May 18 at 6 pm KST!

Here’s what we know so far.

A Taste of the Music

Our Idol’s Idol, Taemin, and the vocal queen, Taeyeon, collaborated in a duet called ‘If I Could Tell You.’ It’s been described as an R&B-pop song with dreamy electric piano and soft synth sounds. Plus, the lyrics portray feelings of subtle love between close friends. Taemin and Taeyeon will showcase their gorgeous harmonies, and there’s no doubt this song will be breathtaking.

Image source: SM Entertainment

The album continues with the B-side ‘SAD KIDS,’ following the previous track ‘2 KIDS’ from Taemin’s 2020 album Never Gonna Dance Again. Like ‘2 KIDS,’ ‘SAD KIDS’ is a sentimental medium-tempo song. It’s been described as having a warm guitar melody, which is sure to bring all the nostalgic vibes. In other words, get ready to cry.

The album also features the title track, ‘Advice,’ as well as ‘Light’ and ‘Strings.’

Teaser Photos

Leading up to the album, the varying teaser photos show Taemin’s artistic range. The photos range from chess pieces to pink tones to a warm sunset featuring a sword. The most recent photos show Taemin on a swing set with an industrial setting, and in a sophisticated suit on a giant chessboard. Each photo concept has made us even more excited for the final product. Knowing Taemin as an artist, this album will be nothing short of spectacular. His solo work is definitely that of a true artist, and we can’t wait to bop to these songs. It’ll be the perfect send-off to Taemin’s enlistment.

Pre-order Taemin’s third mini-album here!

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Featured Image Source: SM Entertainment

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