Hot Mulligan Serves Straight-Up Pop-Punk ‘Featuring Mark Hoppus’

Hot Mulligan Serves Straight-Up Pop-Punk ‘Featuring Mark Hoppus’

Yeah, you heard that right. The placeholders for the hottest new band, Hot Mulligan, are back again delivering straight-forward punchy pop-punk with ‘Featuring Mark Hoppus.’

Fiery and fueled up Hot Mulligan has engulfed this track in high-energy emo. Straight off of their upcoming EP, I Won’t Reach Out To You, this less than three-minute song feels as if it has spent a lifetime in our heads. Raw, always relatable, the lyrics sing true to a large portion of their fans. Simply put, ‘Featuring Mark Hoppus’ is what we deserve after spending so much time in solitude. It is calculated and clean, making it clear that the band isn’t holding any punches when it comes to this EP.

Drown yourself in excellence and listen to the single for yourself.

Hot Mulligan – ‘Featuring Mark Hoppus’
See. We told ya.

As the return of live music begins to unfold, this track, in particular, is the perfect companion to shit-poster extraordinaire, Hot Mulligan’s own recent tour announcement. Kicking ass and taking names the sincerely superb lineup of support, includes Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Sincere Engine, and Super American. Tickets are on sale May 14th and can be found here. Do yourself a favor and find them quickly. We can’t imagine they’ll last long with a band as legit as this.

Stay tuned as the band gets ready to release I Won’t Reach Out To You coming to us May 28th via Wax Bodega. While you prepare for twelve minutes of tactical tunes, cop your pre-order here

What did you think of the single? Did it revive all of your Mark Hoppus memories? What dates will we see you on tour? Let us know all your thoughts by commenting down below or giving us a holler on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

Buzz over here for more tunes!


Featured Image Source: Michael Merrick | Image Source: Official Tour Poster via No Earbuds PR

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