Let´s Play Clue Live!

Let´s Play Clue Live!

Have you ever played a board game and wonder how cool it would be to play it live? For us, it has happened a lot, and mostly playing Clue. We dreamt to be real Sherlock Holmes, and now our dreams have come true with Clue Live!

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FBI Skills, Is Your Time To Shine!

Hasbro and Right Angle Entertainment have partnered to make our childhood imagination come alive by creating a series of interactive and unique experiences where we will have the chance to solve mysteries between friends and family!

Get your gang together and get ready to solve the mystery of who killed Mr. Boddy with Clue Live! Walking around the big mansion, we will have the chance to look for clues and create our own theories to see who of your friends is the killer… you will need to trust no one! Our FBI skills are gonna finally work for something besides fashion fix!

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Sherlock Holmes… Better THP Holmes!

This funny and most-go experience of Clue Live! will be open for everyone in June in locations as the sunny Los Angeles, the beautiful New York, and the stunning Chicago. But don´t hold your horses, cause there´s already a waiting list! We are getting each and every one of our friends to register on the list cause we want to be the first ones to live this experience!

Buy tickets HERE!

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We are having game nights from now on until June here in THP HQ! Are you ready for this experience? With who are you most excited to solve mysteries? Tell us everything in the comments, and don´t forget to vibe with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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