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Loud And Sad Radio Ep. 5: Excellent Errors, Moving Movies, & More

Loud And Sad Radio Ep. 5: Excellent Errors, Moving Movies, & More

Loud and Sad Radio Ep. 5

Loud And Sad Radio Ep. 5 ‘crying on a plane‘ explores excellence in error, and so much more. Wanna know what the more is? Stick around because you’re about to find out.

First and foremost, Elliot and Pete take the opportunity to shout out moms at the start of the episode. Usually, the show focuses on dads and all their ever-so-incredible dad jokes. Airing a few days after Mother’s Day, this one is dedicated to the mommas.

Kanye West – ‘Hey Mama’

What better ode to mamas than Kanye West‘s raw, relatable and heartfelt one to his!? That’s right, nothing.

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The pair promptly poured over keeping quiet during quarantine in the best way we all knew how – with Netflix. Or any streaming service, for that matter. Pete and Elliot laughed about Lifetime movies and how Pete truly enjoyed indulging in them during the lockdown.

Fifth Harmony – ‘Work from Home’

Shifting the show into life after quarantine, the hosts pondered, what will we take from this time at home? What will we miss? What won’t we? Taking all the sanitizer into the next season, one thing we know we’ll miss is working from home. So what other song selection could fit as well as the phenomenon Fifth Harmony ‘Work from Home?’

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Films On A Plane

Pete sends out a plea for fans to help him identify an 80s office film. Giving listeners somewhat intricate details; he backtracks to what might be our favorite line ever that he’s got, “a couple Legos wrong in the foundation of his brain.” While we listened closely, we still have absolutely no idea what the movie he means is, but maybe you do!

In a call back to the radio show’s title, Pete references that they’ve delivered us a lot of loud, but just not enough sad. Segwaying into the second half of the show, the pair plows through crying during movies, specifically on planes. While we differ in the sense that we’ll cry at just about anything, movies are much more likely to make us shed a few.

Pete prefaces with the heartbreaking dog scene in I Am Legend, and if you’ve seen it, well, you know. What about those life-changing cries during films? Watch Click. Having himself a moment, Pete tells a tale about a flight in which he lost his marbles over the Adam Sandler classic. 

What other movies are plane-worthy? The co-hosts share a few before landing on the film Dunkirk. Pete pleas with Elliot that the Christopher Nolan creation should not be watched on a screen smaller than ten inches. Naturally, we’ve got to agree. We want to see all of Harry Styles. Right? Right!  

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Cobra Starship – ‘You Make Me Feel ft. Sabi’

After covering crying on a plane, the show steers toward Snakes On A Plane. Most importantly, the multi-level marketing used to launch the career of Cobra Starship. Would Pete Wentz be Pete Wentz unless he used this opportunity to call up Gabe from Cobra Starship? Because that’s exactly what he did! Reminiscing on the past and what encouraged him to be a part of the movie, the opportunity the launch gave, and the alignment of the universe. Pete refers to Gabe as the Redbull to Pete’s vodka.

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Fall Out Boy – ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Wrapping up the episode with misprints and musical supergroups, Pete and Elliot talk about how something is interesting in getting things wrong sometimes. From errors in baseball cards to merch misprints, they capitalize on the rare nature of mistakes and how they’re a unique find for fans. What follows? A shameless Fall Out Boy plug of one of our absolute favorite tracks.

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Jay Z, Kanye West – ‘Otis ft. Otis Redding’

Finishing out strong, this episode touched on supergroups. Of course, focusing on one of the most popular, most badass to do it. Kanye West and Jay Z. Missed the show? Tune in to Loud and Sad Radio and let Pete explain it to you. It’s almost like being there. For now, though, we’ll leave you the way they left us. Vibing out to a signature song from the pair.

Did this episode make the mark? Was it as good for you as it was for us? Let us know your thoughts on Loud and Sad Radio Ep. 5 by dropping us a line down below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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