Tessa Violet Presents Bad Ideas: The Experience

Tessa Violet Presents Bad Ideas: The Experience

Tessa Violet was not kidding when she called her virtual concert Bad Ideas: The Experience because it indeed was a total experience! The looks! The choreo! Complete with sets that rotated, colorful, offbeat costumes and dancers, BITE was ethereal magic. We had to stan.

Available through Moment House, the hour-long concert gave us everything from ‘Haze’ to slow, delicate jams like ‘Smoke Signals‘ (with a cameo from Cavetown). Including anthemic classics like ‘Games‘ and ‘Crush,’ the two-day, three-show event took place over three different time zones.

Image source: Tessa Violet via Twitter

The ~Experience~

Opening with a callback to her early YouTube days, the concert cycled through the setlist with stunning visuals and artistic prowess. ‘Bored’ began with Tessa lying on a spinning bed, followed by ‘Haze,’ which transformed into a foggy set and a gorgeous outfit with a flower headpiece. Throughout the rest of the show, the set morphed through different visuals like lamps, more rotating stages, a vintage TV, and a stage with lights and confetti-like a real venue or club. Tessa’s voice was unwavering, sliding between poppy, playful tunes and longing slow songs infused with ache. The finale was her undeniably catchy hit ‘Crush,’ complete with rainbow vibes and an explosion of confetti.

In The Age Of Virtual Concerts

In a time of uncertainty, virtual shows have been plagued by faulty connections, technical difficulties, and frustration. Although, Bad Ideas: The Experience was a testament to the positive side of our current situation. This show exceeded many fans’ expectations. Tessa Violet took what she was given and was able to make art out of her work. The show was truly a visual into the world of Bad Ideas, aesthetically and sonically.

How To Watch

You don’t want to miss this! Tessa Violet is the definition of a performer. If you missed the stream, you can still buy the VOD here for up to 21 hours before it closes. Run, don’t walk!

Did you catch the show? What was your favorite performance? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Tessa Violet via Twitter

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