Cavetown Wins Again: Believe Us

Cavetown Wins Again: Believe Us

Cavetown has done it again. Once again, we were left absolutely speechless by his beautiful music. ‘Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me’ is going to be the cry song of 2021 (and we are living for it!) This song is definitely going on all our sad playlists! Who doesn’t love a good cry song?

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Cavetown uses his self-taught skills in singing, songwriting, and musical production to make beautiful music. Some of his other works are ‘Devil Town,’ ‘Juliet,’ and ‘Home.’ If you love these songs, you will most certainly love this one. Everything about this new song is heartbreaking in the very best way.

This song manages to be the story we’re all looking for to describe how we’ve been feeling this last year. This last year with COVID has been tough on all of us. For some of us, all we wanted was someone to talk to, but it seemed to be like no one was listening. This song puts that feeling into words. However, It doesn’t just relate to one person though, it reaches out to all of us differently. That’s one of the reasons why Cavetown is such a talented artist.

‘Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me’ is not just beautiful lyrically, but in terms of production too! Cavetown never fails to amaze us. He produced this slow, relaxing, captivating track to lay the vocals on, and it’s just lovely to listen to. It gives us that feeling we all needed. This song was definitely produced with love (and we definitely love it.)

We will be listening to this song on repeat no matter how we’re feeling. One thing we will be feeling forever is a love for Cavetown. We can’t wait to listen to more of his stellar music as time goes on.

Be sure to check out Cavetown’s new song ‘Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me’ here!

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