If You Heard Lukas Graham’s New Single, We Are ‘Happy For You’

If You Heard Lukas Graham’s New Single, We Are ‘Happy For You’

Everybody! Listen up! We are feeling something in our hearts that we have never felt before! It is not a bad feeling, don’t get us wrong… But it is something really different! Is this how you feel when you fall in love with Lukas Graham? Cause damn, this is one of the best things ever! If you have ever felt it we are ‘Happy For You!’

The talented and brilliant Lukas Graham has just released an amazing single that is having everyone in THP headquarters sobbing while we hug our phones listening to ‘Happy For You.’

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We Are In Love With His New Single And With Him!

Oh my God, Lukas Graham came with everything to make us cry while we are singing our hearts out, trying to hit those high notes. Our dogs are a little bit tired of us singing the song all day long, but c’mon they have to get used to it. We are queens and kings of home concerts and dramatic performances.

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‘Happy For You’ is a melodic and touchy song mixed with the harmonious and beautiful voice of Lukas Graham. The track talks about seeing the person we love moving on, but accepting that we are happy for them, even though our hearts are a little bit hurt. We are glad to see them smile, and we’re looking for forgiveness in the relationship.

The song was not the only thing that moved something inside us. Lukas, please let us kiss your amazing brain cause the lyric music video is something so … we don’t even have words to describe our feelings! We were literally about to grab our markers and write the song with you in every window of our house!

If the song was so touching before, with the music video we were finished. First, we had the chance to see the handsome Lukas Graham walking around with his genius and gorgeous lyrics. And then, watching him singing ‘Happy For You’, is just what we were all dreaming about. Please Lukas, would you mind giving us a private concert singing your new single? We have cookies…

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Watch the incredible video below!

There’s so much going on in us thanks to our dear Lukas Graham! Did you fall in love with the song like us? Tell us everything in the comments! Also, let us know what your theories are for what Lukas is preparing for us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Rasmun Weng via Warner Bros

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