KILLBOY Admits To Liking ‘CORY WIT THA GF’ In Newest Track

KILLBOY Admits To Liking ‘CORY WIT THA GF’ In Newest Track
Image Source: Itsadamm on Instagram

KILLBOY came onto our radar with her track ‘FUCK YO FRIENDS’ which made us instant fans. She’s one of the artists that really doesn’t care what people think of her. She’s a force and is really carving out this path that is a sure road to success.

Upon listening to all of her music it’s really difficult to put her in a box genre-wise and that’s something that can be so exciting with an artist. When their music can just exist without having to fit any norms that are usually place to box artists in. We’d say this particular song fits somewhere in the Alt-Pop world, but there’s no direction KILLBOY couldn’t go.

Her newest track that we’re here to gush all about today is ‘CORY WIT THA GF.’ It’s quite the departure from her previous tracks but definitely keeps the same “I don’t care” attitude that we love to see!!

Image Source: Itsadamm on Instagram

The whole concept of admitting to liking someone that is taken, while problematic is one so many people can relate to. It’s the forbidden fling where the thrill is all part of the fun.

KILLBOY says in this track that the person she wrote the track about, who we assume to be Cory didn’t want this song written. Here’s karma served up for you! She revealed him straight out and says he said he’d hate her if she wrote this song and her response was that she was going to do what she wants, we love that energy!

‘CORY WIT THA GF’ would go perfectly on any playlists dedicated to dealing with potentially messy relationships, truly just right in that wheelhouse.

We can expect a whole EP from KILLBOY in June, and we are so ready!

Image Source: Warner Music Group

Stream/Purchase ‘CORY WIT THA GF’ here!

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Featured Image Source: Itsadamm on Instagram

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