We Are All Turning ’18’ With Lisa Heller

We Are All Turning ’18’ With Lisa Heller

Do you miss those good old days when you were just young and free? We definitely miss them, and sometimes we cannot describe the feeling, but what we do know, is how much we’d love to enjoy those moments all over again. We were struggling with expressing in words what we had inside until Lisa Heller created the perfect song for us.

’18’ is an emotional song about the melancholy of missing those moments when you were still innocent and ready for new adventures. We all remember being ’18,’ passing the days with our friends and make memories that will last forever. Those moments between being a teenager and an adult and “running around with no regrets.” This song is never leaving our minds. With its catchy and soft vibes, ’18’ has touched everyone in THP headquarters. It’s made us remember being ’18,’ and now we want to go back to what was one of the most amazing years of our lives.

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“Eighteen With Fake IDs”

Listening to the harmonious and fresh vocals of rising star Lisa Heller, made us fall in love with her stunning voice, which took us on the emotional voyage that we needed. We were forgetting how it felt when we were ’18,’ but Lisa got us right in the feels and reminded us. We won’t lie, we cried a little bit listening to the song.

’18’ has captivated us so much that we are definitely stanning Lisa forever and always! We can’t wait for what is coming with this promising young artist that is gonna truly take on the world with her amazing talent!

Is Anyone Listening? Cause Lisa Is Taking On The World!

People everywhere, get ready cause our new favorite rising star is releasing her EP is anyone listening? in July, featuring singles ’18’ and ‘red flags,’ and we can tell you, this album is going to blow your minds. It is an incredible masterpiece that we can´t wait to hear completely! Put your seatbelts on cause Lisa Heller is taking us on a musical trip!

Listen to ‘red flags’ HERE!

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What are your thoughts on the song? Do you love it as much as we do? Tell us everything in the comments and buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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