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We Just Can’t Get Enough Of Waterparks And Their Latest Single ‘Just Kidding’

We Just Can’t Get Enough Of Waterparks And Their Latest Single ‘Just Kidding’


I know what you’re thinking, ‘another song from Waterparks? What did we do to deserve this?!’ and we’re alongside you with it.

Waterparks have been more than generous this month, providing us with two songs as part of Waterparks Wednesday, a scheme to give the fans a new song each Wednesday leading up to the release date of their highly anticipated new album, Greatest Hits. Of course, that’s without mentioning the three other songs they released earlier this year. They really don’t know how to slow down, and we’re loving it!

‘Just Kidding,’ the newest single is very different from the other songs we’ve heard so far from Greatest Hits. With its stripped-down feel and extremely truthful lyrics, it portrays Awsten in a light we rarely see him in. This song has a very intimate and personal feel to it, and so does the video.

The Music Video!

The latest music video, directed by Jawn Rocha & Awsten Knight, is a lot less like the other videos they released during this era. It has a very simplistic feel and is almost as if Awsten is sitting right across from you. It shows Waterparks in a more calm setting, a lovely way to show how diverse this album will be – from a bubbly and fast-paced song like ‘Numb‘ to a more soft and captivating song like ‘Just Kidding,’ We, here at The Honey POP, cannot wait to hear the rest of the album!

With not long left until the album is released in its entirety on May 21st, Waterparks hasn’t slowed down at all announcing even more shows to take place in the UK this fall. These intimate album release shows start in Glasgow and end with their set as part of the Slamdunk Festival, all tickets are available to buy here.

Waterparks Tour Dates
Source: Waterparks Instagram Page

If you can’t attend these dates, don’t panic! The guys will also be putting on an album release live virtual show, which will take place June 4th at 6 pm PST. It’ll be the first time they play the new songs live so you don’t want to miss it! Get your ticket for the live show here.

Waterparks truly haven’t sat still this year, and that is something I’m sure we’ve all been grateful for. We cannot wait to see what their fourth album and their future have in store! Their latest album Greatest Hits is out May 21st and is available to preorder now.

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Feature Image By Jawn Rocha

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