Ambar Lucid Sweet Escapes To The Wall Of Sound

Ambar Lucid Sweet Escapes To The Wall Of Sound

Never give up and one day your dreams will come true! The hard work has paid off to new flourishing artist Ambar Lucid. Gaining over 500k monthly listeners on Spotify, she keeps getting praise for her projects. What’s next? It’s confirmed! Her fresh-sounding EP is on the way. Keep your eye on the title track ‘Get Lost In The Music.’ It’s out now! You don’t want to miss it!

Flower Power!

Do you remember The Avengers (not the Marvel institute, but the old sixties series)? Or Nancy Sinatra and the boots that were made for walking? Ambar Lucid introduced her new song to these swinging years universe where everything was flower power. It’s also beyond a shadow of a doubt that she pursues the Amy Winehouse heritage in her smooth vocals. She sings her heart out through fairytale-like tones.

Her lyrics may be from Alice in Wonderland. Magic mushrooms dancing in my soul/Making it clear which way I must go/Magic mushrooms singing to me. Telling me all of the answers are in front of me/Get lost in the music with me”, Ambar Lucid lulls. She captivated us with her voice in the pre-chorus and we definitely ‘Get Lost In The Music’ with the trippy mix. She crafts the production with lots of melodies and sultry vocal prowesses, and we simply love it!

Image Source: TENOR

A New Era

Ambar Lucid kicks in a new era where she recently signed a contract with 300 Entertainment, and she will release an EP that everyone is waiting for on June 18th. The only spoiler we have so far is that you’re going to experience a whole different pop universe. We hope the cosmic vibes float all around on the upcoming EP like they do on the title track ‘Get Lost In The Music.’

We can’t wait to hear more of these lovely sounds. The Mexican culture she spent her childhood in, along with her pop influence artistry (Lady GagaSelena Gomez), keeps showing in the sonic adventures she brings in in the superb video. Mysterious, the rainbow is coming for the new generation. Better days are near us! Watch the bewitching visuals below.

Stream or buy ‘Get Lost In The Music’ wherever you want. Just click here. In what way is music an escape for you? Share your experiences with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPopFacebook, or Instagram.

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Featured image source: Keith Bennett

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