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Glass Animals Blasts Off Into Outer Space With New Video

Glass Animals Blasts Off Into Outer Space With New Video

Have you always dreamt of traveling into space? You can now start your journey from home, in the comfort of your living room. Glass Animals is back with new visuals and, of course, there is more great news from them! The Oxford band released the video for Dreamland’s ‘Space Ghost Coast To Coast,’ they’re gearing up for a tour, and they’ve got two nominations at the Billboard Music Awards! It’s busy times for these incredible musicians!

On The Rise!

Glass Animals are gaining more and more interest in the industry. After the release of Dreamland, their fanbase grew outstandingly, leading to many remixes and projects with Holly Humberstone and Iann Dior. The intricate pop lines gave them nominations for Top Rock Album and Top Rock Song at the next Billboard Music Awards. What’s next for Glass Animals? They are on the verge of selling out their North American tour which begins this summer and extends until Spring 2022. Will you be lucky enough to score your ticket? Tour dates and buying options are available here. Enter the retro-designed computing universe and be quick! The band also played Minecraft with Youtuber Lovefella. Music and gaming? Yes, it’s the best fun ever! Watch the video here.

Surreal Weirdness

Naked bodies falling from the sky? Heads and torsos contorting in alien-like shapes? With Glass Animals and their creative direction, the psychedelic surreality of the video is immense. Directed by Max Siedentopf, the pixelated world is our last escape. The video is truly inspired by modernity and new technologies, but we can also find some elements of the Dadaism art movement, remembering a bit of the deconstructive aesthetic of Salvador Dalí. Dive into some kind of parallel universe full of weirdness and beauty.

Image source: Jennifer McCord

Space Ghost’ is about someone I knew growing up in Texas … we drifted apart when I moved away at 13, but I found out a few years later he did something truly awful. The lyrics of the track are just wondering what makes someone change so much from being an innocent kid to someone who can even consider doing what he did. It talks about how in the 2000’s, violent video games and lyrics were blamed by the media for that type of misbehaviour in teenagers…but really I think there were much bigger societal problems at play. The video is a twist on those video games.

Singer Dave Bailey explains about the concept of ‘Space Ghost Coast To Coast’ song and video.

Get Dreamland here! What is the most important thing you’ll bring to space? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram. Need a playlist to bring on your special travel? We got you covered!

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