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GoldFord Tell Us About His Dreams Of Summertime

GoldFord Tell Us About His Dreams Of Summertime

The weather is starting to heat up and so is the music industry. Summer is coming with tons of bangers. GoldFord is here to enlighten your days and comfort you with his R’n’B lullabies. You may have heard one of his latest tracks, ‘Walk With Me,’ on Grey’s Anatomy. The soul artist keeps believing in his dreams and will give us a new EP next month. Who’s ready for the road trip of our lives?

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Fans of Lukas Graham or Leon Bridges, you should keep the name GoldFord in your mind. His new project, coming on June 4th, will be a delight for your ears. Dreams of Summertime EP is coming to wrap up your sweet nights. You’ll be hooked on the strong melodies and the powerful sensitive vocals. Inspired by life journeys about love, struggles, and finding our happiness, the EP will make you cry or smile, from what we have heard so far. The high notes make us shiver and unleash all the emotions we keep inside us. GoldFord’s talent is shining right now, and we are so excited to hear the new material.

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Did you know that he also wrote some songs for Andy Grammer and collaborated behind the scenes with Kygo and Lost Frequencies? GoldFord is a very productive and creative talent that gained success through his various experiences. The singer-songwriter plays around with his poetic insight and connects with his audience in an incredible way. Let’s discover more about who GoldFord is and his motivating music ventures in the following interview.

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Your forthcoming EP, Dreams Of Summertime, is out in June. So far, the singles we heard are quite soulful. What can we expect from it? Without bringing too many spoilers, of course!
Thanks for having me! You can expect some heartfelt introspective soul music about life, love and happiness, with a bit of a twist.

You wrote the EP entirely during quarantine. How would you describe your creative process in these difficult times?
I got really lucky. I got to physically go to a studio every week and work with two of my incredibly talented friends. We had an agreement not to see anyone else but our family. Last year was an extremely difficult time for all of us. That made for a very powerful combination from a creating standpoint. I would usually bring in a seed of an idea, a melody, a lyric, or a concept. Then, we would just play and chase, wherever our imagination led us. This EP is the result.

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You are quite prolific writing songs for yourself as an artist, but also for other performers, like Andy Grammer lately. When you compose the songs, do you have a different perspective depending on if the song is for you or the others? Do you work the same way?
The one thing I have learned personally is to never write a song with someone in mind who is not in the room with you. I find the best songs come from a place where you don’t think about who it’s for, but where it’s coming from and what it means to you. The ones that mean the most to me seem to connect with others the deepest.

Speaking of collaborating with various artists, are there a few ones you will definitely want to work with, that you haven’t already and why?
Of course. Getting to collaborate with other artists is one of the best parts of creating. I’d love to create with Celeste, Danger Mouse, or Labrinth. They all have such unique and tasteful approaches to music. That would be a dream!

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Your vocals are strong and powerful. Who inspired you as a performer while recording the EP or in your career in general?
Thanks, ☺ Bill Withers, Aretha Franklin, Donnie Hathaway, Labrinth, Childish Gambino

You went into the studio with Grammy-nominated Likeminds to produce your upcoming EP Dreams Of Summertime, how would you describe the experience you had with them?
Refreshing. Hilarious. Inspiring. They are like mad-scientists in a lab filled with every instrument/synth/vintage gear that you could possibly imagine. We would find an idea or a thread and play and pull at it until it revealed something we were all excited about. There was no pressure or expectation. It felt like playtime.


Your songs were featured on commercials, like Jeep and Coca-Cola, and in tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy and The Leftovers. How do you feel about the connection with music and other spheres of popular culture?
It all depends on the connection and how the music is used. I think as the music industry has changed so dramatically over the past 10 years, connections like these can be game-changing opportunities for artists to reach new audiences. You could even say that advertising execs and music supervisors in film/tv have become the new a&rs arguably having more influence than record labels these days. When done tastefully I am here for it!

You made a cartoon-inspired video for ‘Ride The Storm’ which is available on your Instagram account. How did you come up with the idea of incorporating retro visuals into the song?
While I love cartoons … It was actually my partner’s idea. I was trying to find a unique and interesting way to pairing a visual with the song. She stumbled on an old cartoon from the 1930s that was created by William Hanna (Tom and Jerry). The story perfectly went with ‘Ride the Storm’. I paired the song together and we were blown away by how the two complimented each other.

You were on season 9 of American Idol. What is the best advice you would give to someone who wants to develop in the industry? What has this experience brought you?
Ha-ha. What an odd experience! When I auditioned for American Idol, I was in corporate America working in a sales job. Music was merely a dream. I was convinced to try out. I thought, why not? I’m glad I did. It was a crazy hilarious experience. One year I was watching American Idol with my friends from my couch drafting fantasy teams and betting on who would win, the next I was on the show in the group having a dramatic meltdown as we all forgot the words.

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The experience was humbling and validating at the same time in a weird way. However incredible singing is NOT artistry. While those shows might not be as influential anymore, I do see TikTok as the largest talent show that is happening every second of every day. My advice would be to create as much and as often as possible until you find your true artistry. Pack a lunch because it’s a lifelong ever-evolving process. ☺ (the best part).

You moved from Chicago to Nashville to Los Angeles. How have these changes of places had an impact on your current career?
They have all given me exactly what I needed to learn and work on at the perfect time. Chicago taught me the importance to feeling purpose or lack thereof in my case. Nashville showed me what true commitment to craft looks like and what imposter syndrome is and feels like. Los Angeles feels like home. Where artistry doesn’t have to fit in any box and expression of self is the most precious regardless of how lands. Still working on that one ☺ I’ll let you know how that goes …

With brighter days coming, apart from Dreams Of Summertime, do you have any other projects to connect with your fans like touring, live streams, or anything else?
Yes. Yes and yes. I’m so excited to release the Dreams of Summertime music video. It watches more like a short film. I have a couple of live streams happening in June. Some touring in the works and another EP to release mid-summer. What a year!

It’s going to be an awesome year indeed with GoldFord’s new music. Who’s excited as us? Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or write on Facebook or Instagram to let us know.

Thanks again to Goldford for taking the time to tell us about his cool projects! More lovely chats with amazing artists are on the way for us! In the meantime, for your daily dose of new music, you can check up on our latest interviews here.


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