Punctual Puts Some Fire In The House!

Punctual Puts Some Fire In The House!

It’s undeniable, we miss clubbing! We loved having a few drinks with close friends and dancing the night away. When will it come back? The light is coming soon, we promise! We’ve got plenty of new electronic music suggestions for you in the meantime! Punctual is our discovery of the week with their brand new single ‘Smoke Ring.’

Get Flirty!

Vintage disco times are here again! Lovers of hits like Daft Punk ‘Get Lucky,’ be there! The beats take all the space between us. We jam to Punctual’s flirtatious samples and we just want some more. With ‘Smoke Ring,’ the production duo is joining the ranks of Disclosure and Whethan in the big family of electro dubs prodigies. The loops create some euphoric feelings in our brain. Love hypnotizes us. Sweat and drown into the summer vibes. Glow sticks must be included!

Image source: TENOR Gifs

Hot Hot Night!

What happens when the eyes of two people meet? Instant chemistry maybe? “Got me so high, like the full moon,” echoes the lyrics in Punctual’s ‘Smoke Ring.’ The fuzzy electro piece should be part of most seasonal new music playlists. It’s like a bee buzzing in the ear, we can’t get rid of it! But, we won’t complain! The song is seductive, moving, and shining like a light! Don’t take it seriously! Live for the moment and get what you want. The night will be hot! Hear the tasty sounds over here.

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We’ve got more music for your new choreography here too! Let’s go!


Featured image source: Red Light Management

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