Strange Bones Screams Out Loud For Debut Album!

Strange Bones Screams Out Loud For Debut Album!

Order and chaos! Two concepts that don’t fit together at the same time! For Strange Bones, it’s a completely different story. The Blackpool, England rock band join forces to create their banging debut album, where both ideas are co-living to bring one simple narrative. England Screams, their first full-length, is coming August 20th. Rock on!

England Shakes!

The world is in constant evolution, and so is England. Brexit and lockdowns were just a small part of it. People manifest their points of view and revolt against the authority – being conflicted. England Screams represents this and more for Strange Bones.

I’m not afraid of taking things to extremes, which aligns with the highs and lows of not just songwriting, but life in general. It’s where I feel comfortable when creating, completely outside of my comfort zone, Which asks the question if there was ever a comfort zone there to begin with.

Bobby Bentham talking about the upcoming debut album songwriting.
Image source: FRKST

Loud And Clear

Fans of the latest work from Don Broco will love the dark and loud riffs, flying around chaotically, that Strange Bones offers. We can also find a touch of Royal Blood in the heavy drums and the dirty rock elements. ‘England Screams’ is that revolution song everyone will love. Hit the gas pedal and cross the wall of sound. With ferocious beats and high energy, the band blows everything out of the water! In an explosive mix of reverb and echoing electronic bridges, you’ll fall in love with the track’s genuine self-production. It’s only the beginning. What should we expect from the full album?

Image Source: Jake Alldred

Make sure you grab your Strange Bones debut album copy here! In the meantime, why not stream ‘England Screams’ here and watch the video below.

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