Zhavia Wipes Her Tears Away On New Single

Zhavia Wipes Her Tears Away On New Single

She was the voice of the modern new world. On the Aladdin live-action, she sang ‘A Whole New World’ in harmony with Zayn. Zhavia is clearly becoming one of our new faves here at THP. She dropped her new single this week and she’s right: ‘Big Girl$ Don’t Cry.’

Be Positive In The Heartbreaks

Heartbreaks. How to deal with them? For Zhavia, on ‘Big Girl$ Don’t Cry,’ the answer is easy. Stay true to yourself, move on, and don’t lose sleep because you’re too addicted to someone. Be strong, keep your head up, that’s the only thing that matters. Jive with the deep-flowing guitars. Zhavia’s delicate and swaying melodies are pure medicine! In the mix between pop, reggae, and acoustic, she brings the anchor to our lives. Reconnect with what’s most important. There are plenty more fish in the sea and the Los-Angeles-based singer wants to glare on positivism. Stop crying your hearts out and just groove to the music.

Image source: Columbia Records

Do You Love Anime?

It’s always fun to see animated versions of our faves. Remember Dua Lipa in the ‘Hallucinate’ video or Liam Payne in ‘All I want for Christmas?’ Zhavia adds on cuteness with a side of cool in her new single mv. Walking in between skyscrapers, the animated singer feels bad because the villains won the game. She started to cry out loud, but her tears slowly grew into some strange faculties that led her to overcome the fears and destroy these monsters. She gained back the composure she lost first and starts finding peace with herself again. What’s the most important thing? We just need to take care of the small positive things that surround us to be happier. Are you intrigued about this? Stream or buy ‘Big Girl$ Don’t Cry’ from your preferred music platform here.

How do you get better after a heartbreak? Do you cry for ages or just let the feelings go? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured image source: @Archival Gram/Zhavia Ward via Instagram

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