‘Featuring Mark Hoppus’ But Make It Acoustic: A Hot Mulligan Hot Take

‘Featuring Mark Hoppus’ But Make It Acoustic: A Hot Mulligan Hot Take

‘Featuring Mark Hoppus’ goes acoustic, and we’re left worshiping Hot Mulligan once again.

Hot Mulligan dropped the banger that is ‘Featuring Mark Hoppus’ a few days ago. And while it hasn’t got Mark Hoppus’ attention quite yet, it’s undoubtedly called ours.

The original track comes off of the band’s upcoming EP, I Won’t Reach Out To You (pre-save here), and is one we can’t wait to get our hands on. The stripped-down version of the song follows the previous single ‘Pop Shuvit (Hall of Meats, Duh),’ which the band also provided an acoustic showing of. Even the buzz we had off that didn’t have us prepared for the pure perfection that is the stripped-down set of ‘Featuring Mark Hoppus.’ You though? Can find out for yourself and listen here:

Hot Mulligan – ‘Featuring Mark Hoppus’ Acoustic Session

The track is one that openly occupies our headspace, and it appears that the acoustic version will do just the same—the originally high-energy emo track tunes down the energy, but certainly not the emo. This version of the song showcases those soulful shouty vocals we’ve all come to know and love.

Speaking of love, we absolutely adore the rawness of this sweet little session. While it leaves us, and practically every other fan, hungry for an acoustic album, we can curb our appetites just the slightest for now as the band has announced tour dates! Ones with VIP Packages that might just include a Hot Mulligan Acoustic session. Ones that we might have had to have. Luckily for you, there are still some available, but you better grab them soon.

So now we need to know! What version of this track is your favorite? What about the singles? Which way will you go? Let us know! Give us a shout down below in the comment section or giving us a holler on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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