iann dior Is Our New ‘Prospect!’

iann dior Is Our New ‘Prospect!’

Do you love styles fusion in music? iann dior is pushing the boundaries, dropping surprising collaborations one after another. He previously worked with the likes of Travis Barker and Glass Animals. Punk, indie, and rap blending all together, how could it be possible? We couldn’t get more excited when we got news from his upcoming projects. This week, he released that fire remix of ‘Prospect’ with Chinese rapper, Lil Ghost. It was marvelous of course!

Hip Hop Goes Global

Hip Hop is not only a culture, it’s a life mode! Upbeat and funky, we love how it can assemble people through positivity. iann dior and Lil Ghost have huge ‘Prospect’ in their respective careers. The song shows that wherever artists are located in the world they could create an explosive mix of sounds. They flow in both English and Mandarin, catching the attention of the listener solidly. We love to discover new instrumentation and traditional melodies now intertwined with modern trap beats. Both artists’ creativity clashed together into a perfect match!

Image Source: Sam Dameshek

An Epic Journey

iann dior and Lil Ghost want us to travel to their world on the remix video. Chinese written characters, anime, and all the cute things we love about the western continents introduce the euphoric breaks from the rapper. Then we explore the extraterrestrial ground of the Texas-raised singer. Experience some trippy dreams in a psychedelic collage made from filtered grainy and vintage images, bopping guitars, and Asian instrument strings. ‘Prospect’ keeps blooming, gaining more and more success. With no surprises, the track produced by KBeaZy and Wheezy earned more than 100M streams and is still on the rise!

The song is about getting addicted and starting relationships through DMs or getting back to our exes through messaging. Scrolling some interesting faces on Tinder? Tons of fun, don’t you think? Do you have any people in mind when you search for love? Follow us on a stunning trip and watch the video here!

Groovy, isn’t it? If you dig what you heard, stream it over Spotify too over here. Any comments about the ‘Prospect’ remix? Share with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

Do you crave for more of these beats? We got you covered!



Featured Image Source: courtesy of 10K Projects

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