POM: The Music Dating App We’ve Been Waiting For

POM: The Music Dating App We’ve Been Waiting For

Dreaming of a dating app for music lovers? Do we have a treat for you! The new-to-launch website POM, standing for Power of Music.


The site, www.discoverpom.com, is currently live for fans to add their names to the app’s waiting list! More excitingly, the app will release its first phase on July 27th. Thousands of eligible singles have already signed up, making the future to find your sing-along soul mate look promising.

Some further insight into the app? Founders focused on creating an inclusive, safe, and emotion-filled one of a kind app. The competitive and consistent world of dating apps is continually developing and this one is no different, but only in that aspect. Creating a less superficial and impersonal place for love, POM finds focus in the music. Connecting with how music can convey human emotion, users can link up through matched music taste.

Users of the POM app will allow one another to see into another’s soul through their soundtrack. Bringing the natural nature of meeting someone once again. Users will sign up and connect their music streaming services (Spotify and Apple Music, for now) to their profiles. The rest? Magic! Well, sort of. The app will let your taste of tunes succumb to the POM’s algorithms and poof! POM Perfection.

Dating Nightmare

POM recently launched their series Dating Nightmares, having a host of celebrity and influencer friends as they reveal their personal dating mishaps giving POM’s followers to do the same. The first celeb on the series is Georgia Harrison from Towie/Ex on the Beach, and you can watch it here.

Need more? Well, check out Marcel Sommerville from Blazin Squad/Love Island to make you feel better about the nightmare that is the dating world.

Ohio is for lovers? No, POM is for lovers. Music Lovers. No matter your gender identity or sexual orientation, POM is both exclusive and inclusive. Providing a super safe space, creators find it important to go above and beyond to keep users protected both on and off the app.

Perfect for us, sonically special, we know we’ll be signing up, will you? Let us know you’re thoughts on POM and partnering up with your perfect potential person by commenting down below or giving us a holler on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: POM via Twitter

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