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Wolfgang Will Show Us The Recipe For Wolfgang Puck’s Success

Wolfgang Will Show Us The Recipe For Wolfgang Puck’s Success

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It’s 2021, and everyone knows at least one or two celebrity chefs (Gordon Ramsay, anyone?). Or at least everyone is familiar with that concept. But do you know who started that? An Austrian man named Wolfgang. No, not Mozart, Wolfgang Puck. But just like Mozart is a massive deal for music, so is Puck to the culinary industry. And because of that, Disney+ is giving us a whole documentary on his story because so many people may have heard his name, but have no idea how he got where he is now. We’ll be anxiously waiting around for June 25.

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Here’s a quick rundown on who Wolfgang Puck is: born in Austria, he’s been passionate about cooking since he was a teenager, and at 24, he moved to the US, where his skills only made him gain popularity. Back in the 70s, he reinvented the menu for Ma Maison but eventually decided to open his own restaurant, Spago. From there, his fame only grew. His unique menus revolutionized American cuisine, and his various appearances on TV made him the first celebrity chef the world knew. And that’s what we’ve learned so far about Wolfgang Puck. The documentary aims to show the man behind the celebrity, reminding the public that even the most extraordinary people have to make sacrifices for their dreams sometimes.

Wolfgang Puck in one of his restaurants with various cameras pointed at him
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Wolfgang was directed by David Gelb, with the same film crew as Chef’s Table. This team has proven more than once they’re remarkable at making fun and touching content at the same time. We’re sure that’s exactly what we’ll get with Wolfgang as well. So far, that’s what we know, and we’ll surely be counting the days for June 25 when we’ll get to sit down and enjoy this documentary on Disney+.

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