40 Years of R.E.M, Let’s Celebrate!

40 Years of R.E.M, Let’s Celebrate!

Nostalgia rocked to ‘Orange Crush’ back in the day. The younger generation might recall when Corey Monteith, aka Finn Hudson in Gleesang ‘Losing My Religion,’ making breakfast and seeing Jesus on a French toast. The creators of these hits, R.E.M, announced a special release, the reissue of their track ‘Radio Free Europe’ on cassette and vinyl bundles.

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The Legend Still Lives!

Despite their amicable disband in 2011, R.E.M goldies are still in our hearts. From the acclaimed Automatic For The People to their intronization at The Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame, joining Queen and The Rolling Stones, the band influenced a massive generation of musicians. Their lyrics throughout the year inspired many of us. Poetic, spiritual, and sometimes political, we learned a lot about our society through their art. They paved the way for many indie rock gangs, starting independently in their garage to their rise to stardom and legendary status. We all want a little bit of fame, don’t we?

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40 Candles!

Formed in 1980, R.E.M taped three tracks in their parent’s garage. ‘Radio Free Europe’ is one of the first songs they recorded along with ‘Sitting Still’ and White Tornado.’ The single may be 40 candles, but it’s still very relevant, speaking of freedom of speech! Decide defy the media too fast/Instead of pushing palaces to fall/Put that, put that, put that up your wall/That this isn’t fortunate at all/Radio station decide yourself, Michael Stipes sings with fierce vocals over the grunge and lo-fi infused guitars.

It’s Your Chance!

Released in such limited quantities years ago, the reissue of Mitch Easter’s amazingly produced session can finally be yours on July 23rd. If you like what you hear below, we invite you to visit the band’s website. T-shirts? Vinyl? Special edition cassettes? Find what you wish for among the ultra-exclusive collection here. If you are a newbie after reading this or a long-term R.E.M fan, be quick! The preorders are selling out fast! Plus, keep an eye for more surprises from the band throughout the year.

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Featured image source: courtesy of the R.E.M archives

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