We Are Buying Our Hella Mega Tour Tickets ASAP

We Are Buying Our Hella Mega Tour Tickets ASAP
Image Source: Fall Out Boy via Instagram

If you were to ask us our dream line-up for a tour, it would be Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and Weezer. The Hella Mega Tour, simply put, is our pop-rock dreams being realized.

We’re ready to lose our voices, mosh and act like we’re at a 2000s Vans Warped Tour date. This is going to be a night of nostalgia and pure serotonin. A night where maybe we’ll actually drink a beer and will eat stadium food. When people say “a night for the books” that is truly the best description of how we’ll feel about this night. Upon seeing this tour announcement we were as excited as we were when we saw 5 Seconds of Summer was touring with One Direction (yes we can like modern-pop music too).

Each of these groups has a list of hits a mile long, and that is exactly why we knew we needed to break down our dream songs to hear on these setlists. Of course, we’re super stoked for any new music we’ll get to hear but singing along to those songs you’ve known for years is always a high point at shows for us!

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Listen to Green Day’s newest track ‘Pollyanna’ here!

Listen to Weezer’s newest track ‘All My Favorite Songs’ (feat. AJR) here!

‘Island In The Sun’

What a more perfect way to celebrate summer and the return of live music than to sway at sunset to ‘Island In The Sun’ by Weezer! It’s one of those songs that everyone knows and it’s such a joyous nostalgic song that we grew up loving. It would definitely not be a Weezer show if this song wasn’t played, it just wouldn’t add up! Maybe we’re biased since this is an all-time favorite track for us.

‘Beverly Hills’

This is another iconic classic track. We really can’t imagine attending The Hella Mega Tour and not being able to scream these words. It’s the song we can listen to with our dad because he loves it just as much as we do. It’s appealing to everyone of all age groups, truly a timeless track! And yes, we did want to move to ‘Beverly Hills’ after hearing this track, and tbh we still do!

‘Holiday / Boulevard of broken Dreams’

Come on! Did you really think we were going to talk about The Hella Mega Tour and not talk about how we absolutely have to hear this track we’ve been loving for more than a decade? We find ourselves regularly singing these lyrics at a shocking volume just in our rooms, so we already know that this will be an experience live. Tears might even be shed during this one, we’re emotional wrecks sometimes.

‘Basket Case’

Everyone knows this song right? It definitely feels like it! It’s, in our personal opinion, one of the greatest songs in the band’s discography and all the hype it’s gotten is completely right. ‘Basket Case’ feels like an early 2000s movie. But of course, we mean that in the best possible way! It’s nostalgic and reminds us of a simpler time. It’s probably our top must hear at The Hella Mega Tour.

‘Sugar, We’re Goin Down’

We’ve experienced this track live and let us tell you, it’s the ultimate live experience. The crowd energy is unmatched, we’ve never heard a crowd as loud and as excited to hear a song. You almost can’t hear yourself think over the screaming that is happening, but it’s just the best. This would be a perfect track to kick off The Hella Mega Tour!

‘Thnks fr th Mmrs’

Obviously, this is how The Hella Mega Tour should end right? With the greatest song to close anything out of all time? We definitely think so! This is one of the most famous Fall Out Boy songs, but for good reason! Songs are popular for a reason and there is nothing wrong with loving the hits! We can just imagine the tears and dancing we would be doing with this song playing in a stadium full of people.

We would love to hear from you! Do you plan on attending The Hella Mega Tour? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP

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