Alan Walker And Conor Maynard Make Us ‘Believers’ With Their New Epic Track

Alan Walker And Conor Maynard Make Us ‘Believers’ With Their New Epic Track

Alan Walker always has us jamming to his rad music and his latest single ‘Believers,’ is no exception. Released on May 17, the song features the YouTube sensation, Conor Maynard, and it’s all we can think about right now!

‘Believers’ is quite literally a gaming anthem under the genre of EDM, with the vocals of Conor Maynard, and it’s perfect for the ideal Monday motivation everyone needs. With an epic beat drop on the chorus, the song gets you pumping and ready for some bittersweet action. Because when the lyrics go, “Said I was doing dumb shit all the time,” we related on a gruesome level, and when it went “Cause broken dreams won’t pay your bills at all,” we all took a minute to stare at the wall.

Be it the gaming field, or life itself, ‘Believers’ makes you want to rise again, and claim victory! Speaking of rising, we think of the name Conor Maynard at once, given his vocals for the song are equal parts, electricity, and sheer love. And when he sings, “Let’s raise a toast, enjoy the show,” don’t mind if we do.

You can stream Alan Walker’s and Conor Maynard’s Believers right here!

An accompanying music video was also released, and kicking off with the grand fall off the airplane, Walker and Maynard make us feel as if we’re diving with them- from a big-budget movie, into a gaming battlefield. Check it out below for yourself!

Game-changing Montage Has Made ‘Believers’ Out Of Us

It’s clear that the video is inspired by Alan Walker’s love for the world of gaming, and the stellar visual effects, video game play streams, live shooting and even gaming leagues commentaries, has us jumping off our seats! It’s an eSports fan’s greatest fantasy come alive.

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There’s No Stopping The Believers-Universe

“Walkers, for this song I wanted to create a video together with some of the greatest gamers I know. This is our tribute to the videos that made so many of us fall in love with gaming and music. This is the ‘Believers’ best kill montage.”

Alan Walker

Walker also mentioned that Conor was an obvious choice for the vocals of the song, and that he couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. You know what that means! One Alan Walker satisfied is one masterpiece created!

And so, joining the Alan Walker collaboration hit list, following Ava Max, Noah Cyrus, A$AP Rocky, is Maynard, with his latest feature in ‘Believers,’ who was last seen stealing hearts with his own single, ‘Hate How Much I Love You.’

“Back when I posted my cover of ‘Faded’ five years ago, I never thought it would lead to releasing an original song with Alan himself. When they sent me ‘Believers’ I couldn’t wait to record it, and now I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

Conor Maynard

Last week, Walker announced his Walker Gaming outlet, and included in the launch of this new initiative is The Aviation Game, which is available for download with the single’s release. Click here to get it now!

Alan Walker and Conor Maynard with their ‘Believers’ have definitely started the game, they’re not stopping anytime soon and we’re loving it!

Who’s not always on the lookout for some AW music, this time seasoned with the vocals of Conor Maynard, certainly not us! Have you heard ‘Believers’ already? Let us know if you’re hooked yet, on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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