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Get Ready To Love ‘Together’ With SEVENTEEN

Get Ready To Love ‘Together’ With SEVENTEEN


Hey, Carats it’s your friend’s THP back again with some SEVENTEEN news.

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SEVENTEEN is having a comeback, and we are beyond ecstatic! If you are new to the game, a comeback happens when someone is going to release a new project, whether it is a full album, mini album, etc and with these new projects often comes, new looks and new sounds, it’s honestly very exciting.

With this new comeback, SEVENTEEN are presenting their eighth mini-album, Your Choice, which is set for release on June 18th. And much like they did with Teen, Age, this does include a project! Titled the ‘Power Of Love’ 2021 project, get ready because SEVENTEEN and Your Choice is about to show us all the love there is. We got a taste of what that will include in the concept trailer that was just released. You can check it out below if you haven’t already!

Now we’re sure you all know the kind of love SEVENTEEN has to offer, so for new and old fans alike, while you are waiting for Your Choice, why not check out some of these other Love songs by the group? By the way much like what we are going to hear from the upcoming project, these songs cover all the different types of love. Enjoy!


A track from the American line, ‘Rocket’ follows the storyline of chilling in a rocket with someone, where the other can be comfortable with who they really are. This also makes for a perfect track for the month of June and for anyone, as they purposely refrain from using the typical she/her pronouns.


‘Thanks’ is a track that is dedicated to SEVENTEEN fans (Carats), so it had to be included. Not only is the tune really catchy and sweet, but the choreography, wow. We know the group is known for their synchronicity and choreo, but this one is definitely one you should be checking out, you won’t regret it!


‘Home’ is Carats and SEVENTEEN’s big price winner as it brought home the most music show wins. Not only that, but everything about this song is great. From the sad yet somewhat endearing lyrics to the use of asl (which SVT is known for) in the choreo.

‘Our dawn is hotter than day’

The first note of ‘Our dawn is otter than day’ gives us a fuzzy feeling. Is it because every time SEVENTEEN perform this, you can just see how carefree they are? yes. Also please tell us we weren’t the only ones who got teary-eyed when it played in this Gose episode.

‘Smile Flower’

Oh ‘Smile Flower’ what we would give to see it performed live as Carats get to sing this beautiful song to the group as they sing back. This track is about even when you’re no longer with the person you love, you hope that they are always smiling, which is so sweet.

‘Us, Again’

Much like some of the other tracks on this list, ‘Us, Again’ was made for Carats and was premiered at the end of SEVENTEEN’s Hit The Road series on YouTube. It was also first performed by Carats during the group’s IN-COMPLETE concert, there was no dry eye in sight.


Did you catch the clips and references to ‘Mansae’ in the Power Of love’ Concept trailer? ‘Mansae’ is an interesting example of young love. It’s also one of their earlier releases and brought a lot of cool stages.

‘All My Love’

‘All My Love’ is the definition of someone sticking with you through thick and thin. This track is about thanking someone for being with you through the good and bad times when you’re happy or sad. It’s a true definition of love.


‘Campfire’ is a track that honestly seems like it was written under a campfire. You can dedicate this song to anyone you’ve ever written or want to write a song with!


‘Together’ is a song you would definitely hear in a slice-of-life show about friends. It’s about growing up and facing difficulties, but it’s okay because you will always have someone by your side.

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Are we surprised about this news? Yes! But at the same time, if you have been following SEVENTEEN since the Semicolon promotions and a little after, there were a lot of little hints dropped. As we all know SEVENTEEN can be very sneaky. Such as Jeonghan posting pics of him making L’s with his hands, Vernon changing his pose in group pics to the asl sign for love, and his (Vernon), DK, and Hoshi commenting about an ‘I love challenge’ on Weverse.

Okay yeah, we are so ready for this new era of SEVENTEEN and are specifically excited that an album about different types of love is coming out during Pride month. You can pre-order Your Choice here or here (for Weverse).

Gif Source: Tenor

How excited are you about Your Choice? Have you already preordered? Tell us in the comments down below, on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, and Instagram!

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