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Kate Nash Keeps Out From ‘Misery’ With New Single!

Kate Nash Keeps Out From ‘Misery’ With New Single!

Eighteen months passed since the release of her latest music content. We wished her return on the scene because we missed her so much! Now, we can say we’ve been served! British pop songstress Kate Nash is back on track! She released a new song that won’t let us fall into ‘Misery’!

Wrestle For Your Life

Kate Nash was busy playing her incredible role of Rhonda Richardson in Glow last year. The wrestling comedy was pretty popular on Netflix. Need to binge-watch a TV show with strong women empowerment? The three seasons are still available for your viewing pleasures and are certainly a good laugh. Sadly, COVID hit the cultural industry, and it needed to reinvent itself. The show was unfortunately canceled. Amidst struggles, Kate Nash battled anxiety by creating that gem which is ‘Misery.’ The song debut with soft strings melodies that suit the smooth vocals perfectly from the singer. The quarantine was harsh for many of us, so a little bit of comfort is welcome!

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Creativity Flows!

Do you ever want to experience a one-of-a-kind gig? You would be able to start from this Friday. Kate Nash doesn’t go traditional on this one! She saw so many live streams that were just the artist and the stage that she decided to be a little bit more original, and we won’t complain about it! The British singer will craft new setups only with a camera and her two dogs and a big road trip in the US. While we can’t wait for proper tours (some just starting to be announced, yay!), why not lurking the lush performances from Kate Nash this weekend. The first stop of the Safely Out Of Your Bedroom tour will take place at Sequoia National Park in California.

Tempted to get a ticket? Get more information this way!

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A Treasure Hunt

You can get some glimpse of what’s coming on that show. Wondering where? Maybe you’ll find some hints and preview some landscape by watching Late Nash’s in the new ‘Misery’ video.

I feel so emotional/I wanna quit when everything gets me down, down, down/I feel so sensitive/ It’s hard to live when everything gets me down, down, down,” she sings in some bittersweet but appealing vocals. She then goes about how despite all this, we all have someone to get our backs, “even if the bridges are falling,” as she croons on the track.

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‘Misery’ is that feel-good song that gives all of us hope that someday things will get better. The vibrant electro-pop is so joyful (obviously a big contrast with the song’s title) and keeps dazzling our minds. We just want to cross the screen and join her to play in the snow and the forest. You can download or play it on the music service of your choice here. Watch the twisted psychedelic collage produced by Kate Nash herself here.

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Featured image source: Courtesy of High Rise PR

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