Naliya Shakes Hands And Goes Solo!

Naliya Shakes Hands And Goes Solo!

It’s nice to meet you Naliya! The Canadian producer has worked behind the scenes with many of our favorite artists and now gets in the spotlight with her first solo release. An EP is coming this summer, but we can already enjoy ‘Handshakes’ in your headphones on your car ride!

It Always Starts Somewhere!

Naliya has produced top-quality tracks in her short-spanned career. From Tate McRae‘s ‘Rubber band’ to Jason Derulo and Adam Levine’s ‘Lifestyle,’ she brings the magic to life with solid beats! Alone with her computer, playing on Ableton software, she started to write stuff a while ago. It was on Instagram that she was discovered as a solo artist. She participated in a live Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank-like competition, hosted by J Kash on the famous platform, singing one of her penned songs. The rest is history. Naliya is now signed with Interscope. She blew our minds with her first single ‘Handshakes.’

Image source: Interscope Records

‘Handshakes’ Or Just A Wave?

Can’t wait to get back to parties and fun times again? On ‘Handshakes,’ Naliya remembers the encounters she made in the past. “We would end it/End like handshakes/Still you left me with a wave,” she sings with her crystalline voice. Up close and personal with songwriting that reminds us of Claire Rosinkranz, young but so mature at the same time, she proved that break-ups are not always going smoothly. The melody drips deep in our senses, surreal and dreamy. The metaphoric ‘Handshakes’ versus the simple waves, hits strong. Ending these relationships ain’t easy but with the fairy-like vocals from Naliya, we forget the bad things!

Image source: TENOR Gifs

The Canadian multitasking producer is definitely a name that you should write on your music map. Stream Naliya’s ‘Handshakes’ over here. You’re going to listen to it non-stop, it’s guaranteed.

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Featured image source: Interscope Records

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