‘Violet!’ by Waterparks Solidifies Their New Era

‘Violet!’ by Waterparks Solidifies Their New Era

Pop punk’s chaos kings are back! ‘Violet!’ by Waterparks came out today, and it’s the perfect teaser for the full album Greatest Hits, out on Friday, May 21st. ‘Violet!’ is everything we love about Waterparks – catchy and offbeat and playful and gloomy all at once. Creating all of these vibes in harmony within a song about a stalker fan is something only Waterparks could achieve.

The pre-chorus is the catchiest part, framed as a quote from said stalker: “boy I’m not a stalker/but I watch you when you’re walking/you call all kinds of people/who aren’t me/you love me in such weird ways/like when you lead me back to your place/and you do it without words/but don’t you worry ’cause I heard-”

The song is layered with cheerful synths and melodies that immediately get stuck in your head like bubblegum. It bubbles with glistening production, but behind the gooey appearance are much darker lyrics. It’s the actual audio version of pop rocks, a certified pop banger with bite. It’s so Awsten Knight it hurts.

Cover Star

The release of this track is paired with the release of VMAN’s newest Digital Cover featuring Awsten, the vibes are absolutely immaculate.

Image source: Domen & Van De Velde for VMAN

With his signature rainbow hair and vibrant fashion sense, Awsten embodies the vibe of ‘Violet!’ and what we expect from the rest of Greatest Hits. He appears on three different covers styled by Nicola Formichetti. Dripping with vibrant colors and candy-colored doll shoes and Tamagotchi earrings, the shoot is playful and fun.

What’s Next

Both ‘Violet!’ and the VMAN cover are getting us revved up for the album release this Friday! Following their virtual tour, The Anti-Tour, the band is gearing up for their performance as part of the Wiltern Livestream Series on June 4. They’ve also rescheduled their Europe headlining tour to 2022 and are confirmed to play the 2021 Slam Dunk Festival.

Get tickets for the Wiltern Livestream here, and tickets to their 2022 Europe tour here.

You can preorder Greatest Hits ahead of the Friday release right here! Make sure to stream ‘Violet!’ too, or we can’t be friends.

What’s your all-time favorite Parx song? Which one are you looking forward to most? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop! Or find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Waterparks via Instagram

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