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5 Rom-Coms That Must Be In Our Watchlists!

5 Rom-Coms That Must Be In Our Watchlists!

Here are the 5 Rom-Coms that deserve to be in our watchlists always! We have all watched a million romance and comedy movies all through the years. Right from our childhood, we fantasized about meeting a future partner in the ways depicted in these films. But we have to face it. These are only movies and not reality.

Nevertheless, we forget often forget it and land in dreamland once again. All because of kill Rom-Coms like these! Here are some classic Rom-Coms for you that will make you laugh and feel loved at the same time. Wanna find the perfect one to watch with your girlfriend or boyfriend or even your life partner? Mate, you have come to the right place! And don’t worry, all these movies are available on Netflix and Prime Video.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

This amazing Rom-Com was released in the year 2003 starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. This story revolves around a man, Benjamin, who had challenged his co-worker that he can make any woman fall in love with him in just ten days, and a woman, Andie, who is a writer looking for experience to write her new article How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. The story revolves around Andie being an irritating and neurotic girlfriend to Benjamin and how he should make her fall for him. What would happen? Would they fall for each other or fall apart is what makes the story. The complete story, from top to bottom, without any exception, makes it a perfect Rom-Com.

Poster of How To Loose A Guy In Ten Days starring Cameron Diaz and Matthew McCounaughey. Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

What Happens In Vegas

Who doesn’t love Ashton Kutcher? And who doesn’t love Cameron Diaz? They are literally diamonds of the industry! And when they came together for a movie? Bam! It made the funniest and hottest movie ever- What Happens in Vegas (2008). This is another classic Rom-Com where two individuals, Joy and Jack, end up having a drunk wedding (That’s what happens most in Vegas?). Before getting drunk, they didn’t seem to like each other. Why aren’t they getting an annulment? It is because Jack had won a jackpot of three million dollars, and now Joy is the owner to half of it? Could be! They each want the whole amount, beginning their Tom and Jerry fights. This movie is an absolute treat when you are having a fantastic day, and trust us. You will love it!

Still from What Happens in Vegas starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. Image Souce: Pinterest.

What’s Your Number?

This movie revolves around Ally and the article she finds on the subway magazine, which reads that an average woman having twenty sexual partners has found it hard to find a husband. She was at nineteen and decided that the next man she would spend the night with would be her husband. But, she hits the twentieth person with her annoying ex-boss. She starts hunting her ex-boyfriends to keep within twenty with the help of Colin, her neighbor. The cast of this movie is Anna Faris and Chris Evans, and they have done justice to their roles. This 2011 wonder has a remarkable climax, where to outside stereotype, Ally goes on a ride finding Colin, which really takes the movie to a different level. You won’t want to miss this if you love a light comedy and funky romance movie. And if your partner is into Marvel and is skipping on watching Rom-Coms with you, tell him/her this classic has Chris Evans. They will want to watch it then!

Still from What’s Your Number? starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans. Image Source: Buzzfeed

Failure to launch

Failure to Launch of the year 2006 is a conceptual Rom-Com where we, first time in our lives, hear something about the grown-ups not willing to leave their parent’s house. Do people actually do this? Yes, they do! And that makes this beautiful modern Rom-Com another perfect movie. Coming to the story, an old-age couple wants their son, Tripp, played by Matthew McConaughey, to become independent and settle down without their dependence. They hire Paula, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, a worker who deals with such cases, she makes men fall in love with her, and when he finally moves out, she breaks up with him. This was the plan until she met Tripp, and he was stubborn about not leaving his parents’ place. Will Paula be successful, or will her unknown love for him break the contract?

The poster of Failure to Launch starring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker. Image Source: moviemania

The Ugly Truth

The views of a woman and a man in love are different? We don’t know that a woman doesn’t know what is going on in a man’s brain and vice versa. Here, we have Mike Chadway, the anchor of a talk show named ‘The Ugly Truth‘ where he talks out the mind of a man, telling people what is the truth according to him, that love is all about sexual relationships, and it has nothing to do with your heart. Abby, the producer of another channel, completely disagrees with his ideology. It was just the beginning of all the chaos when Mike shifted his show to Abby’s channel, and she had to execute production for it. When they fall for each other, who wins? Is it all about a sexual relationship, or are our hearts the key players? The cast of this movie is perfect, and no one can replace them. Katherine Heigl and Gerald Butler make this movie theirs. If you wanna know what is that ugly truth at the end, watch it right away!

The poster of The Ugly Truth (2009) starring Katherine Heigl and Gerald Butler. Image Source: Her Campus

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