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7 Tracks By Dua Lipa To Get Over Your Ex

7 Tracks By Dua Lipa To Get Over Your Ex

Now, let’s face it. No break-up is the same. Every breakup has its own pain, anger, and people find many ways to get over their ex-partners. Some prefer alcohol, some prefer rebounds and others prefer music. This article will help you get over your ex-partner overnight. What is the fuel for this? Well, you should just have the confidence that you deserve far better than what they were. Now, in these times, Dua Lipa is exactly what you are looking for. And we are going to break down these seven tracks by Dua Lipa into different moods to personalize your experience.

‘Break My Heart’

Don’t we know that a particular guy or a girl is bad for us? Of course, we do. But we still keep falling for them over and over again. We cannot blame this on the bad boy syndrome but we can definitely say that when we break up from these toxic relationships, we have Dua Lipa at our back helping us get over it with ‘Break My Heart.’ Well, we cannot say that it is an after-break-up song, but it takes you on a tour of what you were thinking when you started going out with that toxic person. And no going back to them remember?

Here are a few lines that we can connect to from this masterpiece,

“It’s you in my reflection, now I’m afraid of all the things it could do to me. If I would’ve known it, baby, I would’ve stayed at home, ‘Cause I was doin’ better alone. But when you said, ‘Hello’, I know that was the end of it all


‘IDGAF’ is a song that one might connect to a lot and the best time to listen to this song is after your ex comes running back to you, “realizing” their mistake. Don’t fall into that trap again and if you want to get a clear picture of this issue, listen to this song. We are sure that Dua wants to keep us away from such toxic relationships. This song even has a storyline, where Dua’s partner cheats on her and blames it on alcohol, and from what we can tell, this wasn’t the first time. Now, if you hate your ex to your very core, just listen and say, ‘IDGAF’ and the situation is going to set right all by itself. You can trust her on this, we all do.

Read these lyrics and see for yourself. Isn’t this how you feel?

“You say you’re sorry, but it’s too late now. So save it, get gone, shut up. ‘Cause if you think I care about you now, well, boy, ‘I don’t give a f*ck’.”

‘New Rules’

Let me tell you one thing, this song is everything you are looking for. It has female bonding, empowerment, and a feminist would definitely have it on their playlist. The music video of this particular song shows how women help each other during such hard situations. It gives you three rules to prevent going back to your ex. One, never pick up the phone, two, don’t let him into your house (even if he is sleeping on your porch, in the cold. Don’t do it.), and three, if you are going to be his friend, you are going to get back together with him. And turns out, all of these are true, we can bet on it. And when do you listen to this song? It is when your ex begs for you to come back. This is how Dua is ruling our playlist with reality.

Now, once you have learned the rules, remember these lyrics so that you will never make the mistake of going back (again):

“Practice makes perfect, I’m still tryna learn it by heart. Eat, sleep and breathe it, Rehearse and repeat it.”

‘We’re Good’

Both the video and the song are a sensation. It’s super addictive and we are sure this will sit on your playlist for ages. This song is a little different compared to the other Dua Lipa breakup songs, maybe she didn’t hate this partner but just wanted to end things in peace. Halfway through the song, you will understand, that as always the other person in this song is not comfortable with breaking up. But what Dua still wants is peace. Coming to the music video, it is a feast for the eye. The story is perfect and who wouldn’t want to watch it over and over again. We deeply connect with ‘We’re Good.’

“Now you’re holding this against me, Like I knew you would. I’m trying my best to make this easy, so don’t give me that look, just say ‘we’re good’.”

‘Don’t Start Now’

When you are done crying, eating your feelings, and regretting the breakup, it’s the turn for this song to ride your playlist. All the confidence you want and the power you require to pull yourself together and make things work for you, ‘Don’t Start Now’ is going to provide you with all that. One word, Power. Power is what this amazing song consists of. It is not just recommended, but it is a necessity to have your earphones in to know the exact strength of this masterpiece and what it can do to you. It’s powerful. It defines confidence. And the best part, you can vibe to it and never get bored of it. Just add this to your playlist and feel its magic. To give you more insight, here is a piece of that confidence,

“Though it took some time to survive you, I’m better on the other side. I’m all good already, so moved on, it’s scary. I’m not where you left me at all”

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Yes, we agree that physical isn’t a breakup song. But have you heard it from a different point of view? This POV is especially for the people who look for rebounds after their break-up. Are you one of them? Then, you must know the feeling of fake guilt. Fake guilt is the feeling when you still feel guilty for being with someone else even after your break up. To end that terrible feeling, listen to ‘Physical’ over and over again. This will push that guilt away without even you realizing it. It might be hard, in the beginning, to imagine this as a rebound song but this is just the talent of Dua, you can relate it to anything in your love life, any kind of situation and it will make sense. Try it for yourself, here we have something to prepare you for your point of view,

“All night, I’ll riot with you, I know you got my back and you know I got you. So come on, come on, come on, Let’s get ‘physical’.”

‘Hotter Than Hell’

There are two types of people after a breakup, one that regrets and the one that destroys and loves seeing the other side suffer. If you belong to the latter, this is the right song for you. This is probably the last point in the phase of a break-up when you fix yourself but your ex is suffering without you. Can we just look at Dua and see how she has seen and observed every phase perfectly? Dua is the magic potion of all the break-ups and when you listen to her music it’s a complete heaven experience. And ‘Hotter Than Hell’ is the kind of song you put on your speakers with a loud volume and enjoy your last phase of a break-up. Don’t worry, this song takes a while to get used to, but you will crave for it even after you stop listening to it completely. Want to read some of the magic from this song? We have that here,

“Does it burn when I’m not there? When you’re by yourself. Am I the answer to your prayers? I’m giving you the pleasure of heaven. And I’ll give it to you, ‘Hotter Than Hell’.”

What’s your favorite Dua Lipa song? Are you ready to get over your breakup? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP


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