MAY-A Tears Everything Apart On New Single

MAY-A Tears Everything Apart On New Single

Let’s cross the world down under and discover tons of great lullabies. 19-year-old singer MAY-A is the one to watch from Sydney, Australia. She releases her new single ‘Swing Of Things’ this week, and we are in love!

Quiet Or Rebel?

How can we resist the delicate guitars from ‘Swing Of Things?’ It’s really hard not to! The hooks created by MAY-A are something in between the melancholia of Olivia Rodrigo and the rebel lyricism of Avril Lavigne. Feel the glamour and vintage aesthetic from the 90s grunge-punk era! The Australian singer started to write songs at 12 years old. She already smashes it with her direct and mature lyrics. MAY-A embraces her life experiences into honey-flavored melodies, bringing her vocals to the next level. She recently performed another great song of hers on YouTube, ‘Time I Love To Waste,’ with all the ferocity taken from the girl power movement while also being elegant vocally, playing with the vibratos of her voice beautifully. Watch it here!

The Past Is Over!

Do you regret the stuff you did and want to go back in time? In ‘Swing of Things,’ MAY-A realizes she can’t correct the past. What is done is irreversible, even if we have these nostalgic remorses in the deepest parts of our hearts. “I can’t get back in the swing of things/I can’t get back in the swing of things yeah/I’m so caught up in my old feelings” she repeats in the chorus over the dreamy and melancholic synths. The Australian singer could be a younger version of Heather Baron-Gracie from Pale Waves, working her vocals with emotion, softness, and a wide range of falsettos. We also admire how the director Murli made MAY-A swirl into grunge rhythms, all while switching from retro (check the old phone there, oh the memories! We’ve come a long way!) to the modern neon tone visuals. Watch the video here! Quick reminder you can also download or stream here (Insert stream link).

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