Muse Revisits Their Symmetrical Origins

Muse Revisits Their Symmetrical Origins

Are you a super fan of The Twilight Saga? You heard Muse during the epic baseball scene and wondered who they were? Years before these Black Holes And Revelations, the British band found their roots with their album, Origin Of Symmetry. Twenty years has passed and they are still rocking our world!

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A Perfect Gift!

Pop the champagne bubbles and celebrate! For the ultimate fan from the first hour or the newbie who wants to rock out his life, Muse will reissue one of their most emblematic albums, Origin Of Symmetry. Released in 2001, the record is full of distorted guitars, energy-fueled drums (thanks to Dominic Howard!), and a couple of stadium ballad anthems! Origin of Symmetry: XX Anniversary RemiXX package is coming on vinyl on July 9th. People who can’t wait for it can grab it a few weeks before in digital format. Knowing ourselves, we will for sure take both, especially with that monumental track that is ‘Plug In Baby.’

Space Theories

The past BRIT Awards-winning band’s massive tracks will be remastered for the occasion and we’ll get the chance to finally hear some gems that were only on the Japanese version of the album back in the day. Produced by Rich Costey (My Chemical Romance, Franz Ferdinand, and Arctic Monkeys), Muse explored the multiple theories of humanity through their progressive rock melodies and lyricism. Inspired by Michio Kaku’s Hyperspace book, what about the stability of the universe? How do the elements clash or keep in harmony?

Don’t miss the Origins Of Symmetry reissue. Pre-order the vinyl packages here! Then, pick your side! M, U, S, or E, discover the stunning world of this iconic British act! Maybe you want to rep with some tees? Just click here for some cool merch!

Image Source: TENOR Gifs

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