Are We Obsessed With slenderbodies’ New EP? Yes!

Are We Obsessed With slenderbodies’ New EP? Yes!

Do you know what you get when you have two super talented friends and put them in a room together? You get slenderbodies. Max and Benji have been making music together since 2016, and thank goodness for that! These two have an unmatched talent for mixing influences from many genres and coming up with the most incredible songs because of it. And their latest release, the EP are we?, is no different. Is it possible to be in love with an album? ‘Cause, we might be.

We could spend hours here talking about each of the songs on are we?, but we won’t because nothing could possibly live up to listening to the EP for the first time yourself. However, we will say that the way they talk about relationships in this EP is as close to perfection as human beings can get. They do that awesome thing where the beat says “I wanna dance,” but the lyrics say “I need a hug,” and we are here for it.

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Oh, you thought we were done saying how awesome slenderbodies are? No way! There’s a lot more we need to tell you! First of all, if you liked the visuals of are we?, consider checking out their merch (everything is beautiful) and if you want to listen to their songs played live, go here to get tickets to their live stream, where they’ll be playing their new songs. Tickets are $15.00, and the live stream will start at 7 PM (PST).

Finally, we’re going to need you to take five minutes and watch their latest music video, ‘heartbeat,’ because look at these visuals!! This might be their most beautiful music video to date. We say that because ‘mirror’ will also have a music video premiering tomorrow afternoon! We’re super hyped for it because ‘mirror’ is our favorite song on the album, and because knowing them, it’ll be a joy to watch every second.

Now tell us, have we convinced you to check out are we? And slenderbodies in general? Come talk to us in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!

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Featured Image Source: Alex Parker via @slenderbodies’ Instagram

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