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Deep Dive Into The Talent Of Lola Young!

Deep Dive Into The Talent Of Lola Young!

Soulful powerhouse Lola Young has hit us with a brand new track, and we are obsessed. ‘Bad Tattoo’ is the latest vocal treat from the British R&B/ Pop Artist, but of course, in checking out the newest single, we couldn’t help but deep dive into Lola’s discography. And because we love ya, we’re sharing! So come along with us, on this journey as we celebrate ‘Bad Tattoo’ with our favorite Lola Young tunes, to really hit you in the feels!

You’re welcome! Can we get Lola Young’s voice tattooed on our face? Asking for a friend.

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‘Bad Tattoo’

Lola’s latest release is a sensual soul record, with a smooth R&B melody. ‘Bad Tattoo’ plays with the nature of love, and how it can come and go from our lives. And while we may move on from a relationship, love still leaves a permanent mark on our lives, like a ‘Bad Tattoo.’ Lola’s velvet vocals had us drawn in on this track, from the first lyric to the last, and then every single time we’ve played it since then – Spoiler: that is a lot of plays! Plus, the hook has been stuck in our heads for hours, since that first play, and that is a sure-fire sign of brilliant songwriting! Lola’s voice in the track is exquisite and has us hanging on her every note. Lola’s vocal control can only be matched with her emotionally longing vibrato and deep bluesy style. Lola, we love the new track and we love you! You can get to streaming ‘Bad Tattoo’ here, and for a special treat, check out Lola performing a piano arrangement of the track live below!

‘Ruin My Makeup’

Bringing a different vibe and tempo here, Lola brings in a melodic rap R&B style, to her previous single ‘Ruin My Makeup,’ and the best way we can praise this track is just to simply say “It slaps!” It’s a deeply cool track, showcasing Lola’s impeccable vocal ability and songwriting talents. Lola won’t be crying about you, because it’ll only ruin her makeup – and honestly, yep, mood. This is one of our favorite Lola Young tracks, and we think you’ll love it too! Stream ‘Ruin My Makeup’ here!

Image Source: Courtesy of Universal Music Group

‘Same Bed’

For many of us, ‘Same Bed’ was our first introduction to the incredible Lola Young, when she opened for Liam Payne, on The LP Show Act 3, with her three-song setlist. Rightly, social media went wild for Lola’s unique vocals and soul style, with ‘Same Bed’ quickly showing as a fan favorite! A beautifully sultry number, which quickly cemented our love for the pure mood of Lola Young. “I only like you when you’re naked.” Yep, that got our attention! It’s lyrically sad, cheeky and honest, and melodically, it transports us to the smoke-filled bar we’re longing for. You should check our ‘Same Bed’ right here!

‘6 Feet Under’

We had to include our favorite track from Lola’s 2019 Intro LP, ‘6 Feet Under.’ Because lyrically it just resonates! It’s a reflection of young love and dark thoughts. “I get a little sad sometimes/I get a little scared and insecure/I go a little mad sometimes/ yeah, my mind climbs up the wall.” This track is deep AF, with clever and thoughtful songwriting, delivered with the soulful thick vocals, that could only rival soul angel Amy Winehouse. We are absolutely obsessed with this track! You should be too! Stream it here, now!

‘Blind Love’

This such an aesthetically calming, soft, and warm love song, all about missing someone you may have moved on from physically, but not emotionally. These are the most delicate vocals we’ve heard from Lola, matching the honesty of the lyrics. No vocal acrobatics and ambitious runs, it’s just raw and exposed vocals that really allow Lola to connect to us as the listener. The entire song feels warmly hugged in the string instrumentals, as Lola sings to the love she had. This song has well and truly put us in our feelings. Stream ‘Blind Love’ here!

We are absolutely loving Lola Young’s new single ‘Bad Tattoo,’ and this emotional deep dive into Lola’s discography! Lola’s musical style and vocal ability continue to astound all of us at THP HQ, and we are so happy to support this stunning artist and her ever-growing career. We think you should too!

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Are you loving Lola Young as much as we are? What would be your top pick from Lola’s incredible discography? Hit us up in the comment to let us know, or buzz on over to our Twitter at @thehoneypop or by visiting us on Facebook.

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