ENHYPEN Has Us Mesmerized With ‘FEVER’

ENHYPEN Has Us Mesmerized With ‘FEVER’

It has only been a couple of weeks since ENHYPEN surprised all of us with the release of ‘Drunk-Dazed,’ and they’re not stopping with the surprises because they just released a mesmerizing music video for their b-side, ‘Fever.’

‘FEVER’ was already a highlight in BORDER : CARNIVAL, but this music video truly created a unique atmosphere that compliments the track perfectly. With incredible cinematography and style, the intriguing storyline shown in the music video has so many ways to be interpreted, and just with that, it makes you want to hit replay so many times. The style of the members, the choreography, the setting, everything is simply so addicting and immerses you in a whole other world. It portrays pretty well how addictive the song in itself is as well.

They didn’t only release the music video but ENHYPEN also performed ‘FEVER’ live for the first time on MCountdown – which was incredible to see because you can really see all the details and uniqueness of this groovy choreography. It shows their talent as performers and as dancers better than ever, and their overall stage presence. While ‘Drunk-Dazed’ is a more energetic side of ENHYPEN, ‘FEVER’ shows even more sides of their charm, proving their versatile talent.

ENHYPEN’s comeback took all of us by surprise and it truly established them as a stable in the industry, and this with only one comeback. Their 2nd Mini-album BORDER : CARNIVAL topped Korean’s Hanteo and Gaon Monthly Album Charts, as well as Japan’s Oricon Monthly Album Charts. It also peaked at no. 9 on the Billboard World Albums Chart and no. 15 on the Heatseekers Albums Chart.

Not only their music is incredible but it’s clearly having an impact on people, and with only two releases, ENHYPEN‘s already set themselves up as one of the top rookies of 2021.

Image source: BELIFT LAB

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Featured image source: BELIFT LAB

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