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Loki’s Best Moments, According To Us

Loki’s Best Moments, According To Us

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As we get closer to the release of Loki on Disney+, Marvel seems to be as excited as we are, because they’re just dropping new videos all the time! Not that we’re complaining, we love the hype about our favorite God of Mischief. And apparently, so does the man himself, check out Tom Hiddleston’s attempt to sum up Loki’s history throughout the MCU in just 30 seconds:

Now that we’ve all enjoyed that perfect video, let’s get into the reason we’re here. Tom’s very hurried explanation got us thinking of how many iconic moments he’s had since his first appearance in Thor (2011). And there were lots of them! Loki started in the MCU as just Thor’s little brother with evil tendencies, but his witty comments and his charm quickly won all of us over and we found ourselves falling in love with the so-called “villain” (yes, in quotation marks because he seriously doesn’t deserve to be called that after Thor: The Dark World). And sure, he’s not a poster boy for righteousness like Captain America or a classic hero like Thor, but hey, that’s what makes him interesting!

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Before we begin, fair warning: we can’t be here all day, so this list may not include all the moments we love because otherwise it would just be “every single time Loki is on screen,” and why. So, we had to choose only 7 of them.

Thor Breaks Loki Out Of Prison

This whole sequence could have a whole article written about it. This is after New York in 2012, after Thor lost his faith in Loki, so have all his friends. And that’s how we get multiple people threatening to kill Loki if he betrays Thor, and, in true Loki fashion, he responds with “evidently, there will be a line”. After that, he proceeds to be extremely helpful during their escape, by providing comments on how well his brother is flying the ship. Their relationship was strained, but they’re still brothers.

Loki As Odin

Again, this is technically multiple moments, but they deserve it, okay? First, Loki fooled everyone faking his death for a second time, then he becomes the best ruler Asgard had in a long time. When he revealed himself sitting on the throne at the end of The Dark World, we all lost it because he was okay! And then Ragnarok came and showed us that Asgardians were actually having a better time with this “Odin” than they were before.

Odin shape shifts into Loki
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“You Had One Job”

This is after Loki’s disguise as Odin is discovered and as Thor is yelling at him, a guard runs in and announces Thor was coming. This leads Loki to turn to him with the biggest disappointed look on his face and say “you had one job…just the one.” Loki is just so done with everyone and it is hilarious to watch.

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“I’m Not A Witch”

More sibling banter because we said so! Thor and Loki arguing their way through Ragnarok was a huge factor in making this one of our favorite Marvel movies ever. Anyone who has siblings will tell you this is exactly how life goes 80% of the time, and their silly argument about the way Loki dresses translates that very well. And it also shows that they no longer want to murder each other, just maybe get into a few silly fights as brothers do.

“I Have Been Falling For Thirty Minutes!”

This scene became a meme right after Ragnarok came out, and we’re still laughing today! This is the first time another sorcerer, Doctor Strange, gets the best of Loki and has him in a trap instead of the other way around. That’s hilarious.

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“We Have A Hulk”

Loki throwing this line that Tony said to him all the way back in 2012 right at Thanos’ face had theatres everywhere roaring! That and him proving he finally made peace with the Hulk, Thor, and all of Asgard by standing up for them against Thanos. We don’t want to talk about what happened after this, okay?

Loki’s Escape In 2012

There was no way this would be out of the list. Endgame had lots of great moments, but one of them is definitely Loki’s 2012 self escaping with the Tesseract, thus, creating a ramification in the timeline. This, of course, leads to him getting his own show in a few weeks. We can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

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Yes, most of these were pulled from Thor: Ragnarok, but what can we say? The movie did wonders for Loki’s character! Now tell us, what’s your absolute favorite Loki moment? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!

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